Please, Save me

Hello... im a survivor. I did pretty bad things in the past meaning cutting, trying to over dose, and almost deciding to commit suicide. I have my reasons trust me. I have been bullied and abused to years.... im now 18 and im getting sick of it. The only reason why im still here is to prove everyone wrong, to stay alive. But that's not the only reason.... i have 5 hero's that i love to death.... I'm Alex Lite and here's my pathetic life story.


9. Chapter 9


"Lads it'll be a two hour drive. Might as well get some rest till we get there. You to Alex." The limo driver said. I just scooted closer to Niall, if that was even possible. "Well lads... do you want to sleep or watch a movie?" I heard them all say movie, so they picked a scary movie of course. "Alex, are you okay with scary movies? All of its fake." I looked up at them and nodded no, when they were busy i whispered to Niall. "The monsters are real, they are fake in the movie but they are inside me. They are my demons." I looked at his face and he seemed speechless to what i said. I whispered again. "I stopped looking for monsters under my bed when i found out the monsters were really inside me." I leaned my head against his chest and wrapped my arms around him. I felt Niall tighten his grip on me, as they started watching the movie.

I must have dozed off a bit, because 2 hours later i am being carried into some room. I opened my eyes and it was Zayn. "Where are we... and where is Niall?" "Were backstage. Niall's getting ready." I looked around confused. "Your safe." he reassured me. He fixed his head set and sat in front of me. "I hope your okay. I know this has all been rushed and everything... but you are in safe our arms." I  nodded and smiled at him. I gave him a hug, he hugged back. He let go and looked into my eyes. "We will be back after the concert. But we have a special place for you... just let me do a couple things." He got black paint and put 1D on my cheeks and gave me his jacket. "So you blend into the crowd." I laughed.

Thats when the others came in. "Great job mate. Well Alex, lets get you front row!" Louis said excitedly. He grabbed my hand and we went out there and i sat front row in the seat they picked out. "You can record us or whatever, we will keep an eye on you." They then disappeared behind the curtains. Soon people piled in and the concert started and Ni kept his eyes on me almost the whole time. I recorded them and sang along.

Once it ended we all drove to their beach house..... it was huge. I helped carry the bags in with the limo driver, then he left and the lads were all in the living room. I decided to explore and i ended up finding a piano. Great! I ran to it and started to play and sing a song that my old friend.... not a friend but who was similar to me. and succeeded at suicide.


"There is this girl in front of my class who i swear i've never seen do anything but laugh.

She's tall and she's smart

beautiful and strong

and when someone's down she tries to fix what is wrong

How does someone so perfect, feel so insecure?  As to scar her skin with cuts and burns and still want to hurt more. How does someone so loving, learn to hate her own guts

Drawing a picture on her arms with a blade. As if her mind isn't dark enough.

There is a girl

at the front of my class

whose eyes are glazed over

like newly cut glass

The ghost of a smile hints at her face as she laughs as they tell her 'Who's on first base'

How does someone so perfect, feel so insecure? As to scar her skin with cuts and burns and still want more. How does someone so loving, learn to hate her own guts

Drawing a picture on her arms with a blade. As if her mind isn't dark enough.

There is a girl

at the front of my class

who's so sad that you find it rare

to see her laugh or smile.

Her friends tell her jokes like the one with the guy but all she does is close her eyes and enter her mind.

How does someone so perfect, feel so insecure? As to scar her skin with cuts and burns and still want more. How does someone so loving, learn to hate her own guts

Drawing a picture on her arms with a blade. As if her mind isn't dark enough

for her imperfections...

There was a girl

at the front of my class

who yesterday took that was her last

She took a few notes:

'I'm sorry i didn't say but my mind was messed up

you couldn't save me anyway

and to the girl in the back of the class

Who feels the way i did

'How does someone so perfect, feel so insecure? 

As to scar her skin with cuts and burns and still want...


I stopped and re opened my eyes. She wrote this... she told me i was the 'Girl in the back of the class.' I went with it and i have tried to get her to stop.... but she left that for people and she recorded it that night she died. I put the cover down over the keys, i was feeling the tears. I hit the piano really hard 6 times. I didn't want to think about her, she had it worse then me...

I cried out and leaned my head against the keys cover. She was strong... then she let it go. Thats when i wanted to give up too, i wasn't as strong as her and she ended it. What gave me the chance to hold on when she couldn't. If i hadn't failed i wouldn't be here...

I heard a whisper. No one could hear that song. No one. I looked behind me, it was Liam and Niall. I looked at them and when they noticed i was looking at them, they walked over and sat next to me. "Did you write that?" I shook my head 'no.' "Someone i knew at school wrote that before.... she committed suicide..." I wiped my eyes. They looked at each other. "Love, let's get your mind off of this." Niall started to say but his phone started to ring. 

He answered it..

Nialls phone call N = Niall D = Demi

D: Hey Ni!

N: Um.. Hey 

D: Niall is there anyway we can hang out?

*He left the room to go somewhere private* 

N: Demi you do this every time im caught with a different girl. I gave you a chance and im moving on, you should too.

D: Niall please... i.. i love you.

N: Demi,  i can't. im in lov... i like Alex.

D: Niall please!? It's not like you are dating her.

N: Im sorry but no. I gave you too many chances.

D: Last one? Come on.... 

N: No. We remain friends. I have my eyes on someone else.

D: That girl?

N: Yes, Alex.

D: You wont get hate if you date me, management wont try and break us up if you chose me. You know it's true Nialler.

N: Demi....

D: Niall...

N: I'm sorry i just can't.

D: 'you love me though! You have said that a couple times.

N: In past relationships.

D: One more chance... you won't regret it.... if you say no now i'l leave you alone... 

N: I'm sorry.. but no. But you can come over for dinner if you'd like.

D: Fine... i'll be over in a few minutes.

Niall: Bye Demi. 

*Back to Alex*  When Niall returned he looked at us. "Demi is coming over for dinner. Get dressed guys." We nodded and i grabbed my bag and Harry showed me my room. I picked black skinny jeans, a black sports bra, and one of my grey baggie hoodies. I put my hair down and brushed it out, then i put it back up in a high pony tail, putting mascara on which made my blue eyes stick out. I put on my converse and phone and headed down the stairs to the kitchen. Right when i got to the kitchen Demi was already there, sitting close to Niall. "Hey Alex." She said and waved. I waved shyly and went to the living room. The group moved out here and Demi sat next to Niall. 

Am i feeling jealous? "So how are you?" She asked me. "Fine." I said glumly. Her smile dropped a bit. "Hun aren't you hot?" "Nope." I said looking at my nails. I looked back up and i saw her glance at Niall "you sure?" I started to get agitated, "I'm pretty sure if i was miserable i'd take it off.""Cutter?" "No. I don't have a shirt on underneath." 

"Sweetie it's fine.. i mean look." She showed me her arms, hers were'n't bad at all. "It's fine i mean..." She said. I felt Zayn and Louis put their hands on mine as i grabbed the couch cushion.  "Even if i 'did' that wouldn't be your business. Just saying." "So why lie and say no?" 

"Because i don't go around and let everyone that i do." She just shut up. "Ni why did you even invite her?"  He looked at me, "To be nice." She slightly smirked and Zayn noticed. "She's an attention seeker." I said She glared at me. "Yeah right." "You are doing it for attention you have no reason to do it. Unlike me, you didn't almost commit suicide, i did! You have no reason for it and you leave it where everyone can see it. That's when i stopped looking up to you as a role model." 

I said, feeling angry. "Your just mad because im sitting next to Niall." She said. "Well yeah i mean, the guys don't need to sit next to sluts." She opened her mouth and glared at me. "Close your mouth sweet heart before a cock ends up in there." She closed her mouth and stood up, which made me stand up. Zayn and Harry stood in between us. "Mate, i think it's time for her to go." Liam said. "Okay..." Demi smirked at me before turning to hug Niall. I just stood there and watched. Last second she pulled Niall in for a kiss. I didn't even show jealously on my face, i wasn't going to let her win. She then had Louis escort her out and i just sat back down on the couch.

"Well that went well." Niall said sarcastically. "Sorry." I said to him. "It's fine."" He said said. I looked around the room feeling guilty. Niall sighed and grabbed my hand and pulled me towards his room.

"You know that question i started to ask you in the limo?" I nodded. "Well im going to ask it again." He took a deep breath and looked into my eyes. "Will you... be my... girl... my princess?" He said sounding hopeful. I looked at my arms, then to him. "I will take care of you... i wouldn't hurt you..." I bit the inside of my cheek, Should i say yes? And risk getting hurt again, or no and hurt his feelings.

"What if... i get hurt again? And loose you as a friend? I don't want to go from strangers, to friends, then back to strangers again." Niall bit his lower lip, which made him just too cute! "Well..." He said while scratching the back of his neck, his face turning pink. When he looked into my eyes, i could tell he was nervous. "Yes." I said quietly. His nervous look was gone like that, and was now plastered by the biggest smile ever. "Really?" I nodded and he hugged me. "You defiantly won't regret it. I can promise you that." I smiled to myself, i just hope we stay together and won't break up. I don't want to loose him.

Niall and i got out of the hug and he got his phone out and i guess went to twitter because my phone.... was going off like crazy. 

"@NiallOfficial: Taken by this amazing girl @Alex_Lite <3Xx"

I laughed at his tweet. "Well now the world knows your mine." He said grabbing my hand and kissing it. "What about Demi..?" "Don't worry about her, she won't bother us at all." I got onto twitter again and went to her page.

@Demi_Lavato: @NiallOfficial Congrats! Your dating an Emo! @Alex_Lite pathetic much?

I half smiled and showed Niall. "Ah.. don't worry about her, she always doe this when i like a different girl." I nodded and smiled at Niall. I hope this is going to be a really amazing relationship. 



Well this chapter is long... i hope you guys like it and im not sure if thats Demi's twitter and no i don't hate her i was just adding drama to the chapter. 

No i wasn't trying to make fun of her in any way. She is nice, i think she is a great role motel for people.

Well i'll update either monday or sometime later this week.


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