Please, Save me

Hello... im a survivor. I did pretty bad things in the past meaning cutting, trying to over dose, and almost deciding to commit suicide. I have my reasons trust me. I have been bullied and abused to years.... im now 18 and im getting sick of it. The only reason why im still here is to prove everyone wrong, to stay alive. But that's not the only reason.... i have 5 hero's that i love to death.... I'm Alex Lite and here's my pathetic life story.


8. Chapter 8



Around midnight i woke up. I was still in Niall's arms, which was nice... i honestly don't know why i called him over. I can't love Niall, i can't have feelings for him.... but i can't control my feelings. I felt my eyes water as memories from my last relationship came to my mind. He was a fucking fake boy friend. I thought Stone cared but of course not. I felt like the luckiest girl there, i had a crush on him... and surprisingly he asked me out, i mean, that never happens. Never. Then all the abuse he did to me...

"Your such a slut! I don't know why i even went out with you!" He punched me in the face 5 times, and pushed me to the ground. "I didn't even do anything!" He bent down next to me and looked me in the eyes. "Your a slut. Go with it, no one likes you."

That was when i started to cut, which made things worse...

"Such an Emo, im glad you don't have friends. Who wouldn't honestly want you to stop cutting? I mean get it over with and cut too deep, no one likes you." 

I felt my cheeks were wet, i carefully got out of Niall's grasp, realizing i made his shirt wet. I got up and walked to the bathroom only to bump into someone. "Sorry." I whispered, and continued into the bathroom. I turned the light on and i took Niall's jacket off and looked at myself. Mascara was running down my face, my hair was a mess, still up in a pony tail, and my arms.... I just shook my head, grabbed the jacket and didn't bother to put it on. I sat down next to Niall and realized the other lads were up. 

I walked over to them and they gave me weird looks. "Is.. this because of me...?" Harry questioned. I shook my head 'no' and looked around the group. "Love, you need some sleep." Liam said. I just nodded and obeyed them. I went back to my chair and carefully got back into Niall's arms. Before i went to sleep, i held his hand and fell asleep.


The next morning i woke up, i was still in Nialls arms, he was still holding my hand. I didn't open my eyes, i didn't want to interrupt their conversation, but i was feeling more awake then sleepy so i opened my eyes and all the lads were in the seats in front of me. I looked around the room then stretched almost hitting Niall in the face. "Sorry." I mumbled as i got comfortable again and pulled Nialls blanket better on my side. "Good morning." They all said. I opened my eyes again and said tiredly "morning." I looked up at Niall who was half smiling. I rubbed my eyes and realized i still had mascara on my face. I sat up and looked at his shirt. "I'm sorry." I said. "It's fine silly. I can always wash it." I am fucking everything up. I hurt Harry's feelings, and i ruined his shirt. I think they noticed. "Alex, everything is fine." Zayn said. "Obviously not." I said and got up and moved far away from them and looked out the window.

I just leaned over and let my face fall into my hands. But of course someone is sitting next to me. It was Niall. "Alex... it is fine... and were about to land soon." I nodded and looked up at him. I was still pretty tired. He sighed and grabbed my hand. Whenever he touches me, i get butterfly's in my stomach . I looked out the window and i could see London. I buckled my seat belt and leaned against the window. But i felt my body shift and i was again leaning against Niall. "Leaning against windows are uncomfortable" I smiled and just went with it.

Once we landed i heard a bunch of screams. The fans. I got my bag and put it on, but i realized i didn't have a jacket on and i was at the door. "Alex it's fine... im with you." Niall whispered. I nodded and slowly walked off the steps... oh dear god. The fans were everywhere, security was struggling. We made it down the the stairs and we started walking to the limo.

I ignored the comments but of course the lads went to give some autographs. I stood back and waited. The limo driver helped me put the bags in the trunk. Louis ran over to me, "some of the girls want you to sign their books." Louis smiled at me and grabbed my hand and dragged me over there. The girls over there were excited, only because of Louis. I grabbed a couple of notebooks and signed them. Zayn called me over, then Liam, Niall and Harry. But Harry's crowd..... was rude. I only signed 3. Then when i was about to walk off.

"That bitch is an emo. Everyone knew it! Harry you shouldn't be near that thing."

Harry looked up at the girl who said it and glared at her. "She is a much better person then you, i can tell you that much. She has had a rough past. So what? That doesn't give you the right to judge her. And so what if i liked her, or if any of us did? You aren't true fans then." Harry finished signing the last notebook and walked over to me and seemed mad and upset. "Harry it's fine." I whispered. "No it's not. No one deserves to be treated like that." Harry kept glancing all over my face. The next thing that happened surprised everyone there.

He brought his lips to mine and kissed me in front of everyone. No no no no no.... I pulled away and looked over at Niall. Oh shit why did he.. I looked up at Harry who was as shocked as the rest of us. I just went to the limo and sat there and held back tears. The next person in was Niall. "What was that?" He asked, trying not to sound jealous.. he failed. "Does it honestly look like i know?" I felt a tear slip down my face. Nialls face softened. "Do you know why he did that..?" 

"Some fan said "That bitch is an emo. Everyone knew it, Harry you shouldn't be near that thing. and thats when he said something and did that." I looked out the window and Niall scooted closer and i cried into his chest. "N-niall..?" I stuttered. "Yes?" "Don't yell at Harry... please..." I looked up at him and he hesitated before agreeing. 

"Alex i have a question... will yo-" "Sorry Alex i didn't mean to do that.. i just wanted to prove that fan wrong... i am sorry." I looked over to Harry and i nodded saying it was fine. Soon the other lads came in and i knew, whatever Niall was about to ask he wasn't going to ask again.  I looked up at him and he just sighed and smiled at me. I leaned against his chest and we started heading for who knows what.

Hello stars,

chapter 8.. wooo lol.


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