Please, Save me

Hello... im a survivor. I did pretty bad things in the past meaning cutting, trying to over dose, and almost deciding to commit suicide. I have my reasons trust me. I have been bullied and abused to years.... im now 18 and im getting sick of it. The only reason why im still here is to prove everyone wrong, to stay alive. But that's not the only reason.... i have 5 hero's that i love to death.... I'm Alex Lite and here's my pathetic life story.


7. Chapter 7



It was awkward silence, i stopped crying, they did too. I don't know where my life is going to go. This, right here, is going to change everything. After like 5 minutes i heard my phone go off, so i went to the living room and checked the text.

"Were here. We know what hotel you are staying at - S" 

I kind of looked around the room a bit and soon the hotel phone started ringing. Before Liam answered the phone i quickly grabbed it. 


"Hello, there are a group of guys that are looking for a person named Alex. Is she here?

"No. Don't tell them the hotel room number or anything. Tell them we moved to a different hotel."

"Alright...... Okay they are gone, what seems to be the problem?"

"Those group of guys are bad news. Th-"

"Nice try Alex. Were comin' up." 

With that i heard the line go dead and i quickly put the phone down and started to freak out a bit. "Love what's wrong?" Niall asked. "T-they are h-here!" I stuttered. There was no need for me to explain, they knew who i was talking about. I looked out the window. Wasn't that far of a jump. maybe 6 feet. I opened the window, "You guys comin'?" They looked unsure as i dropped out of the window, landing on a bush. It was very uncomfortable, and soon following was the lads. They grabbed my bag and their bags and we went for the limo. We quickly piled in, not bothering to put everything in the trunk and Harry yelled "Drive!" The limo quickly sped off and we made it out quickly. 

"We should have stayed.." I mumbled. "Why? So they could try and get you?" Louis said. "No, because they will try and find us again. Were in the U.S, unless we left this country they will find us easily." They all glanced at each other. "How about... lets just say... London?" I looked up slightly. "London?" They nodded with a smile plastered on their faces. I nodded and they laughed.

So i guess the limo driver listened on the conversation and we headed for The airport for the next flight out to London.


Once we got to the airport.... there were so many fans... Niall looked around and then to me. "Well... i hope your okay with a bit of noise." He chuckled, once again looking out the limo windows. "Your going to get hate.." I said, i thought i thought it... but it came out of my mouth instead of staying in my mind. "Why would we get hate?" Niall looked at me once again. "Because your here with some random girl who is ugly as f-" "No your not. Don't even finish that sentence." "What about my sc-" "Don't worry about it." I looked at my arms, its very noticeable and i am ashamed. It just shows how week i was. 

Niall sighed and gave me his jacket, i put it on, again ashamed, because i think i made him mad. "Love it's fine. I know you don't want to show." I nodded as i pulled my hair back int a perfect high pony tail, my blue eyes standing out. I wasn't looking right at Niall, but i could tell he was starring. I just grabbed my bag and put it on my shoulders as Liam was the first to open the doors. "Alex stay close to me and whoever is behind you."

I nodded and the person behind me was Louis, i stayed close to them both and i automatically heard the questions.

"Who the fuck is she?!"

"Is she one of the lads girl friend?! I would ship it!"

"She is so lucky to be with them!"

"She is to ugly to deserve a guy like them!"

"Why is she wearing that? Its too hot!"

"Must be an Emo, she must cut herself."

"She better not try and steal my future husband! Love you Ni!"

That last one... About Niall... That is what im kind of nervous about. What if i somehow dated one of these guys? I would get hate like crazy and the lads would to. I don't know why that comment stood out more then the one about being Emo. I felt Louis grab my shoulder and squeeze it a bit. "Just ignore them. None of what they are saying is true." Louis said, reassuring me. I nodded as we entered the airport, did what we had to do, and boarded the plane. It was first class for us. So we got to sit anywhere. I picked a seat that was far away from the lads. I pulled the sleeves of Niall's jacket over my hands, then my phone went off like millions of times. 

Niall sat across from me, as i grabbed my phone and got onto twitter. i was getting multiple followers and my account was now verified. I was followed by all the lads. I looked up at Niall who was smiling. "If anyone try's to give you hate, were here for you." I smiled and turned my phone off, once again pulling the sleeves over my hands. Niall got up and sat next to me.

He grabbed my arm carefully and puled the sleeve up. He studied my arm, looking at each and every mark on my arms. I just studied his face. Was he disgusted? He looked up at me, and into my eyes. "You have to promise me.... that you won't do this anymore. I know it may be hard... but im going to help you." I nodded... "I... promise." I said feeling unsure. He then kissed my wrist and carefully pulled my sleeve back down and looked into my eyes again. He looked so sad.

I'm actually confused. Why does he care? Why do they care at all? And... Why was i .... feeling this way, for Niall...? I was to just kiss him right now. No. I can't and he wouldn't want to. I'm for one, too ugly. and second of all, who would love a girl with scars? Who would kiss a girl if they found out a razor has kissed their wrist? This is like a painting with a twist. The canvas was my wrist and the paintbrush was a razor. With the paint of blood red, dripping down the canvas. Who goes over and over again making the lines on the painting more noticeable.

"Your starring." Niall said, laughing a bit. I quickly looked away. "Sorry, i was thinking." Niall sighed, You mumble when you think. I tried saying your name a few times... i knew you were thinking. You started to look across the room and spaced out, then last minute you looked back at me."

I wanted to kill my mouth. I looked out the window. "Any guy would be lucky enough to have you." He whispered. I looked down at my hands and heard Harry call my name, i turned around in my seat and looked at him. "Can i ask you  a question?" I nodded, he got up and we walked into a different part of the first class area, to be alone. "I know... we just met and all.... but how would you feel if... i ugh......... asked you to be ..... my girlfriend?" He looked down at the ground, his face red. 

I didn't know what to say! I can't get close to another guy! I love..... love? Oh great... "I-i wouldn't want to date me. I have to many problems and you wouldn't want to get hate from fans." Harry looked up at me. "Love... your worth it to many people. and if they can't accept who you are, they are dumb. I think you are pretty... we all do... When you kind of zoned out on the limo... we all talked and we all like you. To be honest if i hadn't asked now one of the others might have asked you the same question." I felt my cheeks getting hot.

"Harry... I-i don't know. I want to say yes... but i don't want to get hurt again. I've been hurt so many times.." I felt my eyes getting very watery. Harry looked down at his shoes then back to my face. "I understand." I upset him. That's the last thing i want to do. He smiled at me. "Hey.. don't worry about it. I know you have been through a lot." He hugged me then we walked out and i stayed in the kitchen area and he left. I went to the bathroom and cried.

It was a silent cry, silent cry's hurt the most. I hurt his feelings and i know it! I heard the door open, and Niall was there. He just sat beside me and i just cried some more. "Shh.... it's okay..." "No it's not. I hurt his feelings!" "No... We all know you have been through a lot. It's definatley understandable." I stopped crying, i wiped my eyes. He gave me a reassured smile and we went back out there. I didn't look up at them other lads at all and just sat down, while i guess Niall talked to them. I just grabbed a blanket and pillow and soon the lights turned off. Niall sat in the chairs in front of me. I gave him a confused look.

He mouthed "Sleep." I shook my head 'No' and he decided to move next to me. "Now will you sleep?" He laughed slightly. I looked at the ground and just leaned against the window. When i was almost asleep, i felt him carefully pull me over so i was leaning on him. He lifted the arms rest so i could lean against him without it being in the way. He wrapped his arms around me and  i heard him whisper something, but i just fell asleep.



Please excuse some spelling errors.

I don't realize them until after i publish, i usually do these late and.... yeah im sorry.


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