Please, Save me

Hello... im a survivor. I did pretty bad things in the past meaning cutting, trying to over dose, and almost deciding to commit suicide. I have my reasons trust me. I have been bullied and abused to years.... im now 18 and im getting sick of it. The only reason why im still here is to prove everyone wrong, to stay alive. But that's not the only reason.... i have 5 hero's that i love to death.... I'm Alex Lite and here's my pathetic life story.


2. Chapter 2



      I slowly let my eyes flutter open, Same grey sky, same everything. I got back on twitter and saw Niall replied. 

"Please... let me help...."

"If you really wanted to help... please, save me."

I sent it to him and and looked around the park. School was almost over meaning... i had to run home. So i put my bag on and put everything in pockets and put my hood up. I started running for my house, more like sprinting. 


Once i was on my block i slowed down and walked to my house. I got my phone back out and checked the time. Just in time. I walked up onto the porch and saw my parents standing there. Bags in one hand and a belt in another. "Were going on a trip, were going to be gone for a while." I nodded not daring to look away from them, or to glance at the belt. "Go to the basement."

Oh no.. I put my bag on the floor and raced down the stairs. "I'll be down in 15 minutes." He shut the door and i heard it lock, i got my phone out and DM'ed Niall. 

"Niall... please... save me...."

"I would if i could. Just talk to me."

"I'm about to get beat with a belt... i can't talk... i need you to save me."

"I would be there in a heart beat! trust me."

"Ni please i live in the states... Missouri to be exact, 394 rocky road... i need help please i need my five hero's to save my life.." I put my phone up after that, all i could do now was sit and wait for my dad to come down with his belt....

Over in New York City....


"Oh my god.." I said aloud. "What's up Niall?" "You know that one fan that get bullied every day on twitter? Well i have been talking to her.... she has almost killed herself multiple times... and she said she was about to get beat with a belt."

Liam looked at me wide eyed, taking my phone. "Ni please i live in the states... Missouri to be exact, 394 rocky road... i need help please i need my five hero's" Liam read out loud. I rubbed the back of my neck. "We can't just leave NYC." I said looking around central park. "What if she's lying?" Zayn asked. "You never know with these fans... but i mean she does get bullied on twitter."

"Later ask for a picture of her, hen we will see if she's lying or not." Louis said, taking a bite out of his apple.

Back to Missouri...


I whimpered in pain as i tried sitting up. My parents just left. I don't even know why i was born... but im glad im here instead of someone else, i wouldn't want someone else to go through hell like me. I stood up, grabbing my phone and walking up the stairs. I looked around the nearly empty house.... They wouldn't... I looked around, and ran to my parents room. Empty.

They aren't coming back... I felt tears fall, i was happy they were gone but a part of me wished they didn't lie and leave. Even though they abuse me i still love them.. i hit the wall and ran to my room. I am truly alone... I just got into my PJ's and fell asleep, i was done for the day.


The next morning i turned my alarm off and got dressed, doing my usual stuff and grabbed my bag. I looked around the plant for the spare key. It took a while but i found it and locked the door and started heading to school. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Right when i stepped on school grounds...

"Bitch got scared and left school yesterday."

"How does "it" Have feelings?"

"She is such a pathetic person."

I kept my head down low, as i walked right into the school cafeteria and sat at my table. I got my phone out and logged onto Twitter. Niall.

"Can you send us a picture?"

"It's fine... most don't believe me. I'll leave you along... but with this." I didn't send it yet as i walked to the girls bathroom and locked the door after making sure everyone was out. I lifted my shirt up and took a pic of my bruised chest and stomach. I put my shirt down and sent the stuff to him. I quickly unlocked the door and went back to my table only to find my stuff all over the place. 

I sighed and cleaned everything up. "Hey Bitch. Rumor has it mummy and daddy left you." I looked up at Stone. "Please leave me alone... and it's true." I said standing up and sitting back down in my chair. "They finally got tired of your shit. I'm surprised they waited this long to ditch you." I looked up into his hazel eyes, and then back down to my hands. "Yeah you know im right." "I know Stone... they never loved me... no one has and never will. I'm so tired of you and everyone bullying me... i am so done... im going to just kill myself." I looked up at him and picked my bag up and started to leave through the front doors.

"Alex!" Stone yelled after me, i ignored him and tried to continue walking but failed when he pushed me hard against the brick wall. "Can't take a small joke from the school?" He laughed. "This small joke has been going on for four years. I'm done with it. Please let me go." "No you can't kill yourself over a little prank."

"This isn't a little prank." He stared at me a moment then did something he hasn't done in a while. He kissed me. All those memories coming back to my mind... No.. 

I pushed him away, "Stone leave me the fuck alone. You will go back to bullying me again. This mess you guys started can't be stopped." He seemed pissed and turned around and went back into the school. I just ran to the park. I could have ran home but it's kind of a habit. 

I went to the shelter house and started crying again. I got on twitter, Niall DM'ed me again.

"Love... We would rescue you if we could."

"Niall please... i just can't deal with this."

He didn't reply so i locked my phone and plugged my head phones into my phone and started playing "Stay the Night" by Zedd. But shortly after i started playing i got a twitter notification.

"Were comin."

Was a tweet from Niall. What does that mean? "Alex!" I looked up and saw half group. I quickly put my stuff on and started running away, DM

"Niall I'm being chased!"

No response. I looked behind me and Bailey was getting closer. "For fucks sake!" I said and ran towards my block. Once i saw my house i quickly got the key out of my pocket and ran to the door and unlocked it quickly, then re locking once i got in. "ALEX OPEN THE DOOR!" Bailey yelled. I walked to the window and saw them all trying to get in. "Why would i open the door for you guys?!" 

"So you don't do something stupid!" Stone said. I glared at all of them. "You all could care less about me. If i want to hang myself or something i will!"

"No you won't" Justin said. I looked up at the ceiling taking a deep breath. I looked down to my sleeves and rolled them up and showed them. "These, are because of ALL of you! Fags!" I quickly put my arms down and brought my hands to my face. i shut the curtain and slid down the wall. They kept banging on the door but all i could do was cry. I need out of this town... state.... life....


Well chapter 2

Hope you guys enjoy this story



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