Please, Save me

Hello... im a survivor. I did pretty bad things in the past meaning cutting, trying to over dose, and almost deciding to commit suicide. I have my reasons trust me. I have been bullied and abused to years.... im now 18 and im getting sick of it. The only reason why im still here is to prove everyone wrong, to stay alive. But that's not the only reason.... i have 5 hero's that i love to death.... I'm Alex Lite and here's my pathetic life story.


12. chapter 12

I ran into my room. I cant deal with this extra stress plus i just upset someone i cared about, the first person i really cared about. I locked the door and slid down it crying my heart out. I am loosing everything i wish this wasn't happening to me. I looked out the window and looked towards the sky. The stars were out... I found myself walking towards the window and opening it, holding back my tears.

I know i shouldn't be holding my pain in because it makes everything worse but i cant help it.... I felt tears rolling down my face again. My chest was hurting bad... I cant loose Niall. I looked up at the sky and said "please.... Please don't let me die like this.... I have been through so much and now i have something to live for. Don't take all of this away from me." I fell to my floor and cried really hard. I want to say yes to him. But i just ... I wish cancer wasn't a fucking thing!

I heard a light knock on my door, I could barley reply but i managed to say "come in.." Slowly Niall came in, he was crying. I looked at him and cried even more. But as quickly as i cried i felt strong arms wrap around me. I just cried into his chest, this is hell.

I was hurting him, in the worst possible way. Once i started to settle down i looked up at him and wiped away his tears. "Niall please.... Be strong for me." I whispered. "I cant... I want you in my life..." Be choked out, trying hard to hold back tears. I looked up at the ceiling hiding back my tears the. Looking back to him. "Ni when i die... Please move on. I don't want you to remember me after I'm gone. I want you to get married and have kids with another girl." I said quickly, taking in what i just told him. "Hell no. I will not move on. If I cant have you i wont have anyone else because nobody compares to you!" He half yelled at me.

"Ni... You have to move on i will always be here with you..." I took my necklace off and put it around him. "Something to remember me by." He just stared at my face. "I wont need this, you aren't going to die Alex. I will save you even if it kills me!" He got up and ran out of the room.... I hear him cry on the way down the stairs.

~4 hours later . . .~

I was laying on my bed, wearing Niall's hoodie. He probably cant stand to be near me now. Him seeing me is killing him. I need to end his suffering, everyone's suffering. I got up and got a chair and some rope. But I went down stairs and hugged everyone... Niall i hugged last. "Please be strong... I will miss you." He just gave me a long hard stare, i leaned up and kissed his lips, he kissed me back and i felt tears falling down bothy of our faces but he doesn't know that im about to kill myself. When i pulled away he look down to the floor, i just went back up to my room and tied the rope up and got the chair ready.

I was not going to die a slow death. They cant find something to cure my cancer, nothing works. After i set everything up i just sat on the bed and stared at what i just put up. This has to happen...

Lillian's p.o.v

I got a phone call from the office, i told the guys hi would be right back and i went outside to answer it.


"We found a solution for her!!!"

"Did you really?!"

"Yes! Everything is responding to the blood test we found a cure for her!!"

I began to cry with joy. "Thank god i have to tell her now!" With that i hung up and went up to her room. What I walked in on..... "Alex... What. The hell?!" I said going to her, motioning my hand to the rope and chair. "Lillian i am killing myself i an bit going to let cancer kill me!" She cried.

"Before you do something idiotic, they found a damn cure!"She looked at me with disbelief "yeah right." She said getting up. "I'm serious would i lie to you?!?!" Alex stopped a moment and shook her head 'no.' I sighed and got the rope down. "Let's go.... You aren't going to die... And you are marrying Niall!" She laughed and grabbed my arm taking me down stairs. "GUYS WE FOUND A CURE FOR ALEX!" Everyone looked at us with huge smiles. Especially Niall. He ran up to her and hugged her tight placing kisses on the top of her head.

Alex's p.o.v

This is perfect!! I'm not going to loose everything!!! As Niall was giving me kisses and looked into my eyes, smiling big, saying, " i told you, you weren't going to die..." He hugged me and i said "yes" he pulled away confused. "Yes I'll marry you.." He had tears coming to his eyes and he just hugged me, not saying anything. He didn't have to. This is going to be perfect being married to him. Everything is perfect...


Well i cant update from any computer. My fell screwed up so I'm updating off of my sisters iPad.

I hope you like this chapter and idk when i will update again... This May or may not be the last chapter. I have to think about it.

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