We meet again

Emma and Liam were best friends since they were in 3rd grade. When Liam moves away from New York, what will happen when they meet again?


3. Welcome!

Liam walked me back to my house holding all the bags for me like the gentleman that he is.the boys didnt come because i found out that they already know my dad. We got to the front of my door and i said to liam, "Give me the bags, im gonna tell him i ran into someone 'special' then i say our code word and then YOU pop in!" I said excitedly. I opened up my door and gestured for liam to hang back. "Hey dad!" I handed him the bag. "I ran into someone special today!" I said. "Who?" He asked concerned. "SPAGHETTI-OS!" I shouted, yet it wasnt too loud. Liam popped in the door and said, "MIKE!" "LIAM MY BOY! You're back!" My dad shouted. They hugged quickly and my dad went to put the groceries away. 

LIAM'S P.o.v

I quickly hugged Mike and he went to go put the groceries away. I wanted to tell Emma how I really felt about her so I came up with a brilliant plan. Corner her somehow. Like a mini prank war between us. I asked her, "Do you wanna spend the night over my house this weekend. I would really like to catch up." "Of course! Wait i have a question though." Emma said. "What is it?" "Can I sleep in one of your t-shirts tonight?" She asked shyly. I couldnt say no. I actually liked it when she did so. "Yea!" I smiled.

"Hey dad! Liam wants me to spend the night for the weekend! Im gonna pack now!" She yelled while slowly walking up the stairs. "Ok! I dont want any grandkids at the moment!" He laughed. I chuckled quite a bit. She came down with her hoodie that i bought her. She also had a string backpack full of stuff. "Ready to go?" I smiled. "Mhm" She said. "Bye!" Her dad waved. "Bye love you!" She waved back. We started walking to my flat. It was about 3 blocks up. It was quite far.  "Want a piggyback ride?" I offered. "How could i deny?" She smiled brightly. She hopped on my back and i started walking. Next thing i hear is flashes. "Ah damn paps..." I muttered. "Hold on tight!" I yelled over the constant questions of the paps. WHO IS SHE, LIAM? WHO ARE YOU? and then there was the last one...ARE YOU TWO DATING?

I wish. I sprinted down the blocks and finally made it home. I was laughing the whole way because Emma was yelling, "WHEEEEE!" I opened up the door for her. She walked in and i followed in after her. "Nice house bub" she said smiling at me. "Oh so my nickname is Bub now?" "It has always been!"  "OK, want a tour of the house? It costs a kiss." I grinned. "You know what, i'll go with it." She smiled.

*Skip the 'tour' *

"Ok, Ms. Smith, that will cost one kiss." I smiled while raising an eyebrow. She  got on her tip-toes and kissed me. NO not the cheek. I blushed. "That was nice" I smirked. We both stared at eachother. I slowly leaned in and kissed her again. It felt great. 

Emma's P.o.v

Liam slowly moved in towards me. I just stayed there. Then his lips touched mine. Sparks flew every where. He was so romantic. We both pulled away. Our faces were red. "I have something to discuss this with." I pulled up two bowls of spaghetti-os. "Yay!" He said. He turned to romantic soon-to-be-20-year-old to an excited soon-to-be-7-year-old. We went into the kitchen. He moved his hand towards mine, so he could hold my hand. I let him. "WHO'S THE SPAGHETTI-O MASTER? LIAM IS! WOOAH!" He started singing. He took out 2 seperate pots and poured the cans in. He turned on the stove and started stirring both of the pots. He poured it in the two bowls. Added a bit of sugar. (secret ingredient). He passes me a spoon and I started to dig on. "Soo, about...that." He asked awkwardly.






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