We meet again

Emma and Liam were best friends since they were in 3rd grade. When Liam moves away from New York, what will happen when they meet again?


2. Milk is good luck

I woke up to the smell of bacon. I walked down stairs to see my dad cooking break fast. He gave me a hug and asked, "Hey once you are done, can you go to the store and get some milk and other things. Other things meaning what ever you want. I'll give you $30." "Yea. Sure!" I said while gobbling my breakfast down. I put on something warm and got my coat and shoes on. It was January, so in New York it's unbelievably cold. I walked over to the store and looked aimlessly down the isles looking for milk. I saw where the milk was and ran to the left to get to it faster. SMACK! I ran into someone.

I had a headache. I opened up my eyes and saw a tall handsome boy hovering me sticking his hand out for me to take while rubbing his forehead at the same. He helped me up and i dusted my bum off. "Hey, sorry for running into you. I didnt see ya" I apologized. "No, no dont worry about it. I should be the one apologizing, Im the bigger one here." He smiled. " Wait...i feel like I know you somehow..." He said, raising an eyebrow. I felt like I did too, its just his beard that really threw me off. "..What's you name?" He asked. "Emma Smith, you?" "Liam...Liam Payne." He said. "I DO KNOW YOU! We were best friends!" He yelled. I was shocked. Whenever I skyped with him, he never had a beard. "Oh my god! I missed you!" I said, muffled because i had my face buried in his chest from hugging him. He was so warm. "I missed you too." He said softly. "Oi! Liam! What happened? We heard crashing.!" A voice said. Liam pulled away and I saw 4 boys with hoodies on and glasses on. "Should I be afraid?" I whispered to Liam. "No love," I love it when he called me that. "These are my band mates. You know, from one direction." "Yea." I smiled. 

Liam pointed to the boys. "This is zayn, niall, louis, and harry!" they all said hi. "Hello boys." I said waving and smiling. "This is Emma. She was my best friend forever, but one day i had to move away and i could only skype. Aaaaand yea." Liam explained. "Oh!" The boys said "Oh! Liam, I have to get milk and snacks, would it be okay if you could take the walk with me and i can tell my dad that youre back. The boys can come too."  I said quickly. "Sure!" They all said. The boys followed me down the isle to get some milk. I told them to grab one snack for them, and one snack for themselves. They all picked out some snacks. We got to the register and i was about to take out the $30 that dad gave me, but Liam refused. "No love, i got it." He smiled. "Youre still the same gentleman i knew." I smiled. "Didnt change a bit huh?" He asked raising an eye brow. "Well, the beard, and you seem much taller and...buffer" I said to liam, it looked like he blushed when i said buffer. "Well, you are prettier." He whispered smiling. I blushed.

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