Legend of the Sacred Flames

*Based off an RPG*
I'm Red, odd name, I know. I have four siblings, one of which are dead, one evil, one I didn't even know was alive and the other lives with me. I, am a Sacred Flame, along with my three remaining siblings, my mate and my pups. This, is my story. Welcome to the Realm of Sacred Flames.


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Chapter 2 ~ Naming Matsu                No one's Pov

-one and a half years later-

Haikino wandered the forest, letting out a sigh he muttered, "I wish something interesting would happen. Every day it's the same, I see someone, they see me, they run off in fear of my flames, I go after them, they say Leave me alone you freak! or Keep those flames away! or just run faster, I'm alone again." He scented another fox, but ignored it, knowing what would happen.

A small fox pup, body covered in flames that shone bright blue, emerged from the undergrowth. His mouth dropped open upon seeing Haikino, whilst his flames turned green. He froze. Haikino was stunned, he had never seen another fox like him before. Surely he won't run away then, will he? Haikino approached the young pup cautiously. The pup just continued to stare, his eyes getting wider and wider as Haikino approached. Isn't he going to run away? The pup thought. He had grown used to being solitary, the last fox to be close to him was his mother, and he didn't even remember her she died when he was so young. What do I say? What do I do? Is he like me? Lonely, rejected? Does he feel different than everyone else? Questions were swirling through the pup's mind.

"I thought I was the only one." Haikino began softly, he flicked his tail to show the eternal flames along the top of his body. The pup purred, "Me too." he said, copying the movement. "Name's Haikino, Who might you be?" Haikino asked. The pup looked down at his paws, when he looked up again tears were brimming his eyes. "I don't know." He whined. "Don't you know anything about yourself?" Haikino asked, thinking he was most likely a Sacred Flame fox. "No, except that everyone fears and hates me." He cried. "I don't even know my name." "Have you heard the Legend of the Sacred Flames?" Haikino asked more serious. The pup shook his head. Haikino sighed and started "Well, the Legend goes...

Long ago, there was a Legend. It was called 'The Legend of the Sacred Flames.". Each few years a fox pup would be born with the powers. Amatarasu, God of the Sun, gave them these powers. Amatarasu was captured, one thousand years later, by an unknown enemy we now call Orochi. Amatarasu struggled, but could not get free. Orochi's shadows lay a curse on Amatarasu. Every fox pup she gave the power to, would fade. The curse has gone out of control. 'They' say that Shiranu, God of the Moon, broke the curse. Now, every fox pup is born with, at least, a part of the power in them. But, 'they' also say that Shiranu, Amatarasu and Orochi were turned into foxes themselves." Haikino finished.

The pup nodded, staring in wonder of the Legend. "Judging by the power leaking out of those flames, I think its safe to say your like me." Haikio told the pup. The pup laughed, "Your my first friend," He said "Maybe you can name me? Sometimes foxes call me Noroi, which means cursed." Haikino shook his head, " I don't like cursed," He frowned, but brightened soon after. "How 'bout Keitaku? It means blessing, like your great power of a Sacred Flame fox?" Haikino suggested. The pup fiddled with his paws, "It seems a bit long and hard to pronounce, don't ya think?" The pup tisked. "What about Onkei? It means the same thing." "Meh." The picky pup replied. "What about Megumi?" Haikino offered, hoping the pup would like it. "It is ok but it sounds kinda girly." He complained. "What about Matsu?" Haikino offered, yet again. "I like that," He purred. "Matsu, my name is Matsu. And I was named by my friend." He said happily. "I have a name!"

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