Legend of the Sacred Flames

*Based off an RPG*
I'm Red, odd name, I know. I have four siblings, one of which are dead, one evil, one I didn't even know was alive and the other lives with me. I, am a Sacred Flame, along with my three remaining siblings, my mate and my pups. This, is my story. Welcome to the Realm of Sacred Flames.


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Chapter 1~ Reunited?                         No one's Pov

Red had just reached a clearing when she caught two familiar scents. Then she heard a rustling coming from a bush, she slid out her claws, ready to fight two at once. When they stepped out she was completely caught of guard by her two younger sisters stepping into the clearing.

"Helaku? Chepi?" She gasped, taking a step forward. Helaku giggled and nodded as Red ran forward to greet her sisters. They talked for a few moments before they heard someone coming through the trees. Red turned around, only to see her brother, Kanti. She was overjoyed. "Kanti!" Chepi squealed, running to her brother. Kanti growled, lashing his claws out and hitting her muzzle. Chepi backed away rapidly, whimpering, while Red ran up and growled at Kanti.

"Stop!" Red snarled at him. "Kanti, what happened to you? You used to do anything in your power to protect us, never raised a paw to us. Now, your automatically lashing out? This isn't-" "Shut up." Kanti cut her off. Red growled at him, "No, Kanti! Come back, back to how you used to act." "Orochi has showed me better ways, better than having sisters to pull me down. He said he would make me great. He delivered me to Ninetails, who taught me. But before she fully trusts me, I have something to do." And with that he lunged at Red, knocking her to the ground. They fought and tossled, but Kanti had the advantage. Soon he pinned her, he would have killed her. If not for Helaku, She threw herself into Kanti's side, making him lose his footing. Red was too weak to get up. Helaku and Chepi fought against Kanti, but Kanti was too highly trained for them. He soon flung Helaku to the side, unconscious, and rounded on Chepi, all Red could do was watch as Kanti murdered her sister. Kanti stood up, claws dripping blood, and began walking away as if nothing had happened. It infuriated Red, she got up too, powered by anger, and lunged at Kanti. This time she was to mad to care about wounds, or herself, she had Kanti pinned in minutes. She was so close to giving the deathly hit, but then, Helaku awoke, seeing Red and Chepi she got up, walking over to Red she said, "It's not worth it, Red. Don't sink to his level. Don't become a murderer like him. Chepi wouldn't want you to." Red loosened up at the mention of her sister, she got off of Kanti and snarled "Leave. And don't come back." Kanti didn't reply, he simply walked away.

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