Legend of the Sacred Flames

*Based off an RPG*
I'm Red, odd name, I know. I have four siblings, one of which are dead, one evil, one I didn't even know was alive and the other lives with me. I, am a Sacred Flame, along with my three remaining siblings, my mate and my pups. This, is my story. Welcome to the Realm of Sacred Flames.


1. .

Prologue.                                No one's Pov

Red watched as Orochi stepped over her parents bodies, headed straight for them. He was only a few feet away when Kanti stepped forward, "No. You can't take them." He said looking back at his three younger sisters. "But if it means their safe," He turned to Orochi again. "Then I'll go." "No! No, Kanti, No!" Red screamed, running forward, only to be pushed back by her brother. "Look after them, Red." Kanti told her, before walking over to Orochi. "Only if their safe." Orochi nodded and walked away, Kanti following.

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