Just For A Little While

"I have an idea to get you guys to become more popular."

"And what is that?"

"Split the band up."

"Just for a little while."


3. Chapter 3

Niall POV

My plane landed pretty early the next day. I got off and someone that I had no idea even was, told me to follow them.

"Your manager already called me." He said.

I nodded, trusting him more.

He took me outside where he took me to a taxi. I put my luggage in and then got in. I had no idea where I was going, but the taxi driver sure did. I didn't even know where I was.

"What state are we in?" I asked the Taxi driver.

"California." He replied.

"Ok thanks." I said.

He nodded.

I looked out the window. It was a pretty good sized town. Not too big, not too small, it was almost cozy. The car pulled into a hotel parking lot. He stopped the car.

"Ok you're here." He said turning around and smiling at me.

"Thanks, how much do I owe you?" I asked.

"It's no big deal it wasn't that long of a drive anyway." He said.

"Well at least take this." I said handing him ten dollars.

"Thanks." He said smiling.

"You're welcome." I grabbed my bags and got out of the taxi and shut the door waving to the taxi driver as he drove away.

I walked into the lobby. The front desk girl smiled at me.

"Hello." She said with the biggest smile I have ever seen.

"Hi, I need a room." I said pulling out my wallet.

"Ok a suite, or just a regular room?" She asked me.

"Suite." I said, I mean why not, I might be here a while might as well be comfortable.

"Ok and for how long?" She asked me.

"Can I pay you weekly or something?" I asked her.

"Ya, so for this week it will be 150 dollars." She said.

"Ok." I said handing her the money.

"Here's your key, enjoy your stay." She said.

I smiled and walked towards the elevator. I pressed the up button. I waited for a minute and then the door opened. There was a girl that looked around my age, with light brown hair that was in a side braid. I looked down and saw a little girl, she also had light brown hair, but it was in a ponytail, of course with a lot less hair.

"C'mon mommy." The little girl said running out of the elevator in a swimsuit.

"Sorry." The girl said walking out of the elevator behind her.

"It's ok." I said smiling.

I watched her walk away. I walked into the elevator and clicked the number 8 button. I waited for it to stop and I walked out and looked for my room. I found it and unlocked the door and walked in. It was pretty big. Much bigger than an average sized hotel room. I placed my bags in the bedroom and walked back into the living room. I walked over to the balcony and opened the curtains. I gasped when I saw the view. I was in a beach town. I looked out at the beach. The hotel was a couple blocks away from the beach, but it was still a breathtaking view.

I went back and sat down on the couch. I sighed. It was so lonely being here by myself without the boys.

Cammie POV

Me and Emma walked into the pool area and I put my bag on a chair. I took off my swimsuit cover and put it in my bag. I was wearing just a simple black bikini. Emma was jumping up and down. She was so excited.

"Mommy!" She yelled jumping up and down and pointing at the pool.

"Wait, come here real quick." I said.

She ran over to me and I put her floaties on her arms. I took her hand and we walked over to the less deep area of the pool. I picked her up and I walked into the pool.

"Ahh it's cold!" Emma squealed and laughed.

"I know." I said smiling at her.

"I want to swim by myself mommy." She said.

Since she was wearing floaties I was ok with it.

"Ok." I said letting her go.

She struggled at first but then started getting the hang of it. My mind drifted to when we got off the elevator and I saw that boy. I didn't get a very good look at him because I was chasing Emma but he kind of looked like Niall Horan. I doubt it is him though. There are a lot of look a likes out there.

Niall POV

I got off the elevator in search of vending machines. I went to the front desk.

"Hey do you guys have any vending machines?" I asked the lady at the front desk.

"Ya they are just right down the hall pass the pool." She said smiling from ear to ear. She is starting to be kind of creepy.

"Ok thanks." I said walking in the direction she told me.

I walked passed the pool and saw the girl I saw on the elevator. She was in the pool with a little girl I'm pretty sure is her daughter since she called her mommy earlier. I slowed my pace and watched them for a minute. The little girl was splashing the water, I laughed. The girl looked up and saw me looking at her. I turned really quick hoping she wouldn't notice and I walked away. I found the vending machines and I got a bag of chips and a Gatorade. I walked pass the pool again but this time they weren't there.

"Hmm." I said to myself.

I kept walking and I walked pass the front desk ignoring the front desk lady. I got to the elevator and I saw them waiting for the elevator.

The little girl turned around and looked up at me.

"Hi." She said.

"Hi, what's your name?" I asked her getting down to her height.

"Emma." She said giggling.

"My names Niall, and how old are you?" I asked, she giggled some more.

"I'm two." She said.

"Sorry, she likes meeting new people."

I looked up.

"No it's fine, she's adorable." I said standing back up.

"Thanks." She said smiling.

"I'm Niall." I said holding out my hand.

"I'm Camilla but you can call me Cammie." She replied shaking my hand.

"Nice to meet you." I said.

There was kind of an awkward silence before she spoke up again.

"Holy crap this elevator is taking forever." She said laughing.

"Mommy can we take the stairs?" Emma asked.

"Sure." She said picking Emma up.

"Want to walk with us?" She asked me.

"Ya, love to." I said walking with them.

We started walking up the stairs and there was another awkward silence.

"So what brings you here, aren't you in a famous band?" She asked me.

"Oh so you recognize me?" I asked smirking at her.

"Well ya, I mean you are in the biggest boy band on the planet." She replied.

"Well I'm not suppose to really talk about it but our management split is up for a while to get us to become more popular, I don't know how it is going to work, but they are pretty confident that it is, so they split us up and sent us around different parts of the United States. I didn't know where I was going until I got here." I said.

"Wow." She replied stopping. This must be her floor or something.

"Ya I just get lonely so easily, so I don't know how this is going to end up, but what can I do?" I said.

"Ya, well this is my floor but maybe we can talk more." She said.

"Ya." I said.

"What's your room number?" She asked me.

"806, you?" I asked.

"414.” She replied.

"Ok, I'll talk to you later, bye Cammie." I said turning around starting to walk back up the stairs.

"Bye Niall." I heard her say.

I continued my walk up the stairs. I think I made a friend. Maybe I won't be so lonely.


-Authors Note-

Hey, hope you enjoyed this chapter. I hope it's long enough for your likings. I have been writing a little bit to it everyday. I hope you enjoyed it:) and I have a question for you guys.

Should I have a specific day I update, or should I just update whenever I want?

I know some people like to have a specific day because they know when the next chapter is up, but I don't really care I'm just asking you guys what I should do.

I think that's it so ya.

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