Just For A Little While

"I have an idea to get you guys to become more popular."

"And what is that?"

"Split the band up."

"Just for a little while."


2. Chapter 2

Cammie POV

I had been driving all night, not really knowing where to go, but just letting the road take me. I was exhausted. I decided we would just stay at a hotel until I could figure out where we would go. It was around 6 am. I opened the back door and unbuckled Emma and picked her up. She whined a little but she fell back to sleep on my shoulder. We were in a pretty good sized town. It was as big enough for my likings. I walked into the lobby of the hotel.

"Hi, how may I help you?" A lady asked me with the biggest smile on her face.

"I will need a room for tonight." I said setting Emma down in a chair, she curled up and laid down.

"Ok that will be 20 dollars." She said.

I pulled out my wallet and paid her. She gave me a room key.

"Enjoy your stay." She said giving me one last smile.

"Thanks." I said picking Emma back up, she started to wake up a bit.

"Mommy I'm hungry." She whined.

"Ok we will get you something to eat when we get into our room, ok?" I asked her.

"Ok." She said.

We walked back out to the car when I realized that there isn't a lot of people staying here. Must not be a very popular hotel. I set Emma down and opened the trunk. I grabbed my suitcase and Emma's suitcase and closed the trunk. I opened up the back seat and grabbed Emma's travel bag.

"I want to help mommy." Emma said.

"Ok, you want to carry this?" I asked her handing the travel bag to her.

"Yes." She said smiling.

I grabbed the two suitcases and rolled them back into the lobby and went and found the elevator. I clicked the up button. Emma came and stood next to me. The doors opened and Emma ran into the elevator. I followed behind her.

I clicked the number 4 button and the doors closed.

"Oh no mommy, were stuck in here." Emma said to me with a worried look on her face

"No we'll be ok." I told her.

She nodded he face looking relieved.

The doors opened and Emma ran out. I grabbed my suitcases and walked down the hall looking for room 414. When I found it I slid my room key in the slot and pulled it out and opened the door. I walked in and held the door open for Emma. She walked in and looked around. She put her travel bag down and ran over to the bed and climbed up onto it and started jumping.

"Mommy, this bed is so bouncy." She giggled.

I smiled at her and looked around the room. The room had a bed, a tv, a desk and chairs, mini fridge, and a microwave, and of course a bathroom. I put my suitcases by the wall and walked over and sat on the bed. Emma jumped into my lap.

"Can I have something to eat now mommy?" She asked me.

"Ya, do you want some Goldfish?" I asked her.

She nodded and I lifted her up and sat her on the bed. I walked over to the suitcase and got out the Goldfish which were in a Ziplock bag. I walked back over to the bed and handed the bag.

"Thanks mommy." She said.

"You're welcome baby girl." I said kissing her forehead.

I grabbed the tv remote and turned on an old rerun of Blues Clues for her. I laid down on bed next to her and she laid her head on my chest. I slowly drifted off to sleep.


-Authors Note-

This chapter as you can tell was about Cammie and Emma. Tell me what you think in the comments:)

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