Leeya Payne.

(+) it's amazing how a little sign like can change someone's life just like that .



4. Chapter 4

Bang bang bang

The sound of pounding on my door .

I opened my eyes and moved Leeya over .

"Who is it?" I said sitting up

"It's Liam ." Said a quiet voice

I grabbed Leeya and ran her upstairs , and put her in her bed.

She didn't wake

I slowly went back downstairs and opened the door

"Hi Li-"

He cut me off by smashing his lips into mine .

I wrapped my arms around his neck .

He gently pulled away

"Long time no see .." I said angrily under my breath as I walked to the couch

"I would've came back , Kar , but you never responded ." He said sadly

"I didn't know it was YOU ." I said laughing

"I couldn't exactly say my name ." He said sighing

"Right , I forgot about the whole 'famous' thing." I said

"We have to talk about something though , Kara ." He said looking what felt like deep into my soul

"Do I have a child?" He said scooting towards me on the couch

"Leeya Janae Payne ." Is I could manage to get out before bursting into tears

"That's a beautiful name . Why didn't you ever tell me ?" He said wrapping me in his arms

"No one knows , my mom thought I was prancing her so I left ..." I sobbed

"I'm so sorry Kara , what day?" He asked

"April 1st , that's why you didn't believe me." I cried

"Oh my god Kara , I'm so sorry ." He said holding me tighter

"It's okay , now your here ." I said gripping my arms around him

"Where is she ?" He said

"Upstairs ." I said wiping a year

"What's her exact birthdate ?" He asked confused

"April 1st , 2009." I said

"She's 5 ?" He said questionably

I nodded

"I'll go get her." I said standing up and walking upstairs

"Lee ." I whispered shaking her

"What , Mommy?" She mumbled

"Daddy's here ." I whispered in her ear

She shot up

"Really?" She said

I nodded and picked her up .

I carried her downstairs.

She hid her face in my baggy night shirt

"Liam , this is Leeya Payne ." I said smiling

"Say hello , Leeya ." I said sitting her down

"Daddy ?" She said looking at him

He ran over to her and engulfed her into his arms

"Daddy's Here ,"He said tears welling up in his eyes

"And I won't ever leave you ." He said holding her tightly

"I love you daddy ." I heard her whisper

He broke down into tears

"I love you too Leeya . I love you too ." He said holding her tight

"Your coming back with me on tour , Kara . I'm not leaving you guys ." He said looking up at me

"Okay , I better start packing." I said turning around and walking upstairs

As I put the clothes that we had into our black suit case I heard singing

"I figured it out ."

Slight pause

"I figured it out from black and white ."

And the voice kept getting more beautiful as the song went on .

After a while I recognized the song .

"Oh you and I ."

'Liam , I love you .' I said to myself

I zipped up the bag and got Leeya's favorite stuffed animal , an old worn teddy my mum had given me .

"Well , that's everything ." I said carrying the bag downstairs

"That's all..?" Liam said looking shocked

I nodded sadly

"Well we'll have to fix that won't we!" He said lifting Leeya onto his back and heading towards the door

I giggled a bit too as we headed out the door to the car

< Skip Car Ride :p >

"And were here ." He said stoping the ignition and stepping out

I unbuckled and stepped out , too.

H got Lee and put her into one of those baby car toy things that are actually carts .

"Shit." I heard him mumble lowly.

He opened the car door and got out a hoodie and sunglasses for him self .

I lifted Leeya up and slid on some sun glasses and a jacket with a hood .

I titled my hooded jacket over my eyes

"No pap-"

I was cut off by blinding lights and hands .

Hands everywhere

"Liam! Liam ! Liam ! Is that your baby ? Is that your girl?"

"Smile wide !"

"Hey sweetheart! Is that daddy !"

I picked up Leeya and held her close

"don't say a word , lee ." I whispered into her ear

I felt her nod

Liam grabbed my hand and we ran in .

We reached a little girls store .

"WOW!" I heard Leeya yell

"Pick whatever you want ." Liam said giving her a bright smile

I held her hand and let her direct me around the store .

"This ! And This ! And This!" She said grabbing three frilly tutu dresses

I grabbed a grey beanie and a sweater for her .

Formalish occasions ~(-o-)~

She grabbed a bunch of stuffed animals , lip gloss , etc . All those girly things.

"And this , for sure!" She said grabbing a one direction poster

"You know that's your Daddy ." I said pointing to him on the poster


My daughter is fangirling (face-to-palm)

I nodded and urged Liam to the register

The lady got wide eyed and ring everything up

I elbowed him and showed him the poster she wanted

He laughed

He picked Leeya up

"Would you like to meet them ?" He whispered softly to her

She nodded enthusiastically

"How about tomorrow evening?" He said to me

"Sounds good to me ." I said flashing. A smile

We walked out of the store and grabbed the bags .

"Mommys turn !" Liam said winking

I practically dashed to Forever 21

I grabbed this out fit

( not just shirt )


And a pair of converses

And this :p


"That's all I need !" I said walking to the register

The lady rung it up and Liam paid

"Thanks Li ." I said kissing his cheek

He smiled

We walked out of the store

"Go grab something to eat .. I've gotta go get .. Something .." Liam said scratching the back of his head

"Okay ." I said picking Leeya up and taking a 20 from Liam as he dashed off

We walked to the food court .

"Mickey Dee's !" Leeya shouted happily

"Alright , Alright." I said making my way towards the small counter

"Girls happy meal with chicken nuggets , small sprite with that . And a filet o' fish with a medium dr pepper ." I said politely

The lady nodded and we waited to the side

"Here ya go!" She did kinda nicely -_-

We took it to the

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