Leeya Payne.

(+) it's amazing how a little sign like can change someone's life just like that .



3. chapter 3

5 years later

"Wake up , Lee . First day of school!" I said nudging her little head

"Mommy , do I have to?" She said popping up

"Yes , Doll . I thought you always wanted to?" I said looking into her blue eyes she got from me .

"Not early ." She said laying her head down

"Oh well sweetheart , you need to hurry , mommy has work , darling ." I said carrying her to the kitchen

I made her a quick breakfast and made her get ready , putting the cutest ribbon dress , her gramma , had gotten her for her 5th birthday just last month , April 1st .

That's why Liam didn't believe me , it was April fools day .

Ha ha Liam

Now I have a five year old and your on tour

Ha ha.

"Let's go ." I said handing her the purple Dora backpack she hand picked

We walked up to the school just around the corner .

"Love you , doll ." I said kissing her forehead and passing her to her teacher

"Love you Mommy !" She said trying to wave as her teacher whisked her away

A single tear rolled down my cheek .

She was my rock , and now that rock was gone , temporarily .

I sighed .

'Its school , Kara , get over it .' I thought

I went home got dressed , and got in my car and went to work .

"Hey , Delilah ." I said walking in and putting on my waitress apron

"Morning , Kar ." She said ruffling some papers

My phone rang

"Eh , I gotta take this ." I said walking outside to take the call

"Hello?" I said confused

"Kara?" Said a deep voice I didn't recognize

"This is she . Who is this ." I said pondering

"It's Liam , their have been rumors about a daughter of mine , is it true?" He asked

"Liam I can't discuss this over phone , was I the only one ?" I said sadly

"Yes , still are ." He said nervously

I blushed

"I'm still back home . If you want to know you'll have to come see me ." I said deviously

"Okay , see you in tomorrow , I'm coming to see family on tour break ." He said

And with that he hung up

'What is Leeya going to think ." Issues running a hand through my long straight hair

I disregarded the thought and went back inside to work .


" Leeya !" I said wrapping her in my arms as she climbed off the bus

"Mommy , I don't like school." She said

Tears were dripping down her rosy cheeks

"People say that they don't like my daddy , and that they're going to get him." She said crying

"Mommy , who's My daddy." She said laying her head in my shoulder as I carried her to the house

"A very good man that you'll hopefully meet tomorrow ." I said setting her down in front of the front door and unlocking it to let her in

She sat down her backpack

"Tomorrow ? " she said showing her cheeky smile

I nodded

"You remind me of him so much." I said giggling a bit

She plopped on to our couch and I turned on some Dora reruns for her.

I went into the kitchen and prepared the only thing we had , roman noodles .

I sat down next to her while it cooked

"What does my daddy look like ?" She said not taking her eyes off the tv

"Like this ." I said pulling up a picture on google

"Whoa , I have a cute daddy." She said with wide eyes

I rolled on the floor laughing

"Lee , he's your dad , you can't be in love with him like that." I said laughing a bit

"Fine." She said crossing her legs on the couch and watching tv again

The microwave sounded

I went over and got out our food and put in the flavor packets

"Eat up!" I said handing her the bowl

We ate pretty quickly

She didn't have school tomorrow since today was Friday , but her bedtime was still 8:45.

"It's 5:30 , I'm going to nap right here , don't stay up late." I said locking the door and laying on the couch

"Okay , Mommy." She said snuggling into my lap and gluing her eyes to the screen

I slowly closed my eyes and wrapped an arm around her tiny body


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