Leeya Payne.

(+) it's amazing how a little sign like can change someone's life just like that .



2. chapter 2

Eh okay , this is going to be weird

I walked into Nandos clutching my purse to my side

"Liam?" I whispered under my breath

"Over here , Kara!" He said waving at a table

"This is just a meeting spot , we're going somewhere special ." He said grabbing my hand and dragging me out of Nandos

Before I knew it we were rushing through the woods and trees were smacking me in the face .

"Blah." I said spitting out a leaf

"Sorry . Almost ...there ." Just as he said that we came to a cliff . You could see the open sea and London in the distance .

"Wow ... Liam ... This is just great for a first date ." I said astonished

Before I could say another thing his lips were smashed onto mine and we were passionately making out in the grass .

He reached to pull off his pants

[let your dirty little minds picture it ...:p]


We layed their looking up at the sparkling stars .

"I know I just met your Kara , but I think I love you ." He said holding my hand

"I love you too ." I said smiling

I was a naive child at the time and the 'I love you' made me weak .

I felt as if it was meant to be then .

I didn't know what I had just done out there would change my entire life's course forever .

I went back to my house and like any normal girl , I took a pee test .

Negative .

Another ...


Last one...

This one , was positive .

I cupped my hand over my mouth

"MUM!" I called out .

What had I done ...

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