Leeya Payne.

(+) it's amazing how a little sign like can change someone's life just like that .



1. chapter 1

My name is Kara (car-uh) Johnson and this is the story of how my daughter Leeya changed my life , forever .


It started on day In Old mill park down by the river.

I was with my friend , Jamie.

We were swinging our feet off the bridge , tempted by the summer heat to jump off into the crystal clear water.

"I'll never get over him , Kara. I just miss him." Jamie sobbed

"Don't worry about boys , they are just ... Hurtful beings." I said patting her back

"You say that because you never had one!" She said getting up and storming off

"Well okay then.." I mumbled

I began to sing a song , by Alicia keys , it always soothed me .

I just want you close , where you can stay forever .

You can be soo good

And it can only get better .

You and me together ... For the days and nights .

I don't worry cause everything's gonna be alright .

No one . No one .No w-uh-uh-uhn can get in the way of what I'm feel for you.

Oh wuh uh oh

Oh wuh uh oh

Oh wuh uh oh oh oh oh oh

I was cut off by a voice from behind me

"You have a beautiful voice .." Said a boy with brown swept bangs and deep brown eyes.

"You hear all of that ?" I said shyly

He nodded

"Eh .. Hi , I'm Kara ." I said holding out a hand

"I'm Liam ." He said flashing me a bright cheeky smile

He sat down next to me and shook it tightly .

He gave me a note and walked away

"Meet me at Nandos at 7 ." It said and on the bottom was his number .

I decided to go pick out a fresh out fit from Aeropostale

Shirt :http://m.aeropostale.com/mt/www.aeropostale.com/product/index.jsp?productId=28696176&cp=3534618.3534619.3534623.3541050.3536151.11327052.11331557&

Pants :http://m.aeropostale.com/mt/www.aeropostale.com/product/index.jsp?produ28385966&cp=3534618.3534619.3534623.3541050.3536152.11327055.11331566&

Shoes :http://m.aeropostale.com/mt/www.aeropostale.com/product/index.jsp?productId=33037986&cp=3534618.3534619.3534623.3541050.2183138.1988344&

(Sorry for long links ^~^)

I quickly paid for them and went into a mall bathroom and put them on

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