My shadow

In this story a girl has only one friend. A girl called Sophia but Sophia isn't like most girls she is not like a friend at all but will Sophia drive the girl to death


2. Worried

August 7th 1989 Dear Diary,

                                                   I’m getting a little worried about Sophia. She started talking but she never says anything nice or friendly. She has started picking on me more than the girls at school, and even worse Sophia has started showing up at school. I don’t know how to explain it but she seems to be getting stronger. My mum says that I’m going crazy so she sent me to meet Lily; Lily says that I’m being crazy and that people can’t get stronger that way only in mind and spirit but I know that Sophia is no matter what Lily says. I wish Sophia would stop talking; I liked it when she couldn’t or wouldn’t talk. At least back then only the people at school were tormenting me. But Sophia is making the bullying worse. Because she started following me to school and talking I had no choice but to talk back, which means that the girls at school have another reason to pick on me. They all say that it is sad that my only friend never seems to be around when they are but I know she hides the moment they start looking just to make things worse. I can see her smirking now, as she reads what I am writing. She knows I’m writing about her but she doesn’t seem to care. I tell her to leave me alone but she just looks at me puzzled as if I’m not speaking English. Well who cares I have completely given up trying, at least she still leaves when it’s bed time but then again I’m not sure how much longer that will last. I’m positive that just like school eventually she won’t leave me alone at all.

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