My shadow

In this story a girl has only one friend. A girl called Sophia but Sophia isn't like most girls she is not like a friend at all but will Sophia drive the girl to death


3. Torment

August 10th 1989 Dear Diary,

                                                  I was right for the past two nights Sophia hasn't left at all. I will wake in the middle of the night and she will be there. Sitting on her chair watching me. I nearly had a heart attack last night when I woke up at midnight and she was just there, standing directly above me glaring down at me as if I was in her room not the other way round. There is no way that I can live like this anymore, but the idea that Sophia keeps trying to put into my head is not the way I want to go. Why would she want me to leave? I thought I was the only reason that she was here in the first place. I will never understand how Sophia works I just know that now as I write this it might be the last entry that I ever write. It breaks my heart to say all of this but I think that I am going to listen to Sophia and do as she says. It won’t be that bad I don’t think at least Sophia will stop talking to me the way she does. So this might be goodbye.

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