My shadow

In this story a girl has only one friend. A girl called Sophia but Sophia isn't like most girls she is not like a friend at all but will Sophia drive the girl to death


1. Meeting Sophia

August 5th 1989 Dear Diary,

                                                  We watched a video in class today about how great friends are, but it made me wonder what is so great about Sophia. All she ever does is sit in the corner with those glassy eyes of hers mocking me. I speak to her but she never speaks back, she never comforts me when the other girls are mean, she just sits there silently scowling. When I came in from school today she was there. That is the only thing about Sophia she never comes to school it is the one place on earth where I get away from her. I guess she doesn’t like school, lucky I wish I could get out of going to school. So anyway when I got home she was sitting on the stairs glaring at me as if I was the one tormenting her. I tried to explain that I hadn’t done anything but she wouldn’t talk to me she just sat there looking at me as if I should be ashamed of myself. So I pushed past her and marched up to my room. She is still here now, sitting on her special chair in the corner glaring. I don’t think she has forgiven me for earlier on well she started it after all so it serves her right. Besides she will be gone in a minute cause it’s nearly bed time. 

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