My shadow

In this story a girl has only one friend. A girl called Sophia but Sophia isn't like most girls she is not like a friend at all but will Sophia drive the girl to death


4. Hospital

August 12th 1989 Dear Diary,

                                                   I am talking to you from hospital but before we talk let me explain what happened. I listened to Sophia and I went with her to the edge of the cliff. She kept whispering in my ear telling me to jump and end all of this so I did. I stood at the edge of the cliff and let out a sigh there was no way that I could make Sophia leave in any other way. So I leaned over the edge and jumped the next thing I knew I was in hospital. After what happened at the cliff my mother and father decided to take emergency action. So I was sent to professional help and Joseph was a lot more help than Lily had ever been. He talked to me about ways to ignore Sophia and how she was all in my head. Then he gave me some special medicine to help me relax. I feel a lot better now I was checked in to hospital for observation but I sleep a lot better now. I don’t have to worry anymore, the medicine stopped Sophia from getting to me I don’t even remember her existing.



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