My shadow

In this story a girl has only one friend. A girl called Sophia but Sophia isn't like most girls she is not like a friend at all but will Sophia drive the girl to death


5. 2014

August 1st 2014 Dear Diary,

                                                I made a new friend today her name is Sophia. She doesn't talk or do things with me. She just sits on the chair in the corner and glares at me. When I go to school she disappears, then I find her sitting on the stairs at home when I get back. I don't know where she comes from, or why she came to me. But I do know that I don't think she is going to leave. I guess she is ok, but I never understand what I have done wrong. She did say something today though but it was kind of wired, all she would repeat over and over again was 'I have done this before'. I don't know what that means but now I'm really scared of my new friend.

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