Taylor Jonas' Story

How do the Jonas Brothers little brother Taylor follow his heart? What Can he do to be perfect? Does he have to be?


1. Taylor's Story

Joe, Nick & Kevin haven't seen their little brother for a while. Taylor was adopted away to some close friends at age 1. He used to see his brothers every year, but as he and they Got older, and when they became famous he didn't see Them anymore. Lately he had gotten contact with his brothers again. They Got to meet at the local figure Skating Hall.

Taylor ran around on his skates. He did some jumps & tricks. His brothers stood and looked at him, but he didn't notice. 'Wow' Joe said slowly. 'He is amazing'. 'MR. JONAS! TAYLOOOOOR' a little 8 year old girl in Ballet dress shouldet at Taylor. Taylor took his skates of and greeted her 'Hey Emily, what's wrong?' Emily smiled at him. " Can you show me the move you learned us at ballet yeasterday again" she said "I forgot" Taylor nodded ' Ofcause, Em' Taylor started doing ballet. He stood on his tippy toes and spinned around. He made a rainbow with his hands. Emily followed him. 'good job, Em.' He said as he smiled. 'Thanks Taylor! See you on Monday' she smiled and left. Kevin started clapping "bra-vo". " brothers" he said and ran to them. He smiled so bright. 'OH MY GOD I MISSED YOU SO MUCH' he hugged them all tight. Taylor was 19 years old. He has a pretty fuzzy colored Black hair. He had blue-ish eyes. He was clearly wearing make up above the eyes. He had his eats pierced. 'oh god! It's lovely to see you again' Nick Said. 'Somebody loves me...?' Taylor said sadly. 'That's New' he mumled. 'what do you mean' Joe Said worried. 'I'm gay. I do figure Skating & ballet. Ofcause i get bullied" he said sadly. Kevin gasped 'oh no!'. Nick smiled 'oh, your gay?'. Taylor smiled 'yes i am' his happy face turned into a trown 'But sometimes i'd rather Be girl Taylor, than boy Taylor' 'what's that suppost to mean' Kevin questioned. 'That i Want to be a Girl' he Said. Nick looked choked at Taylor "wha....WHY?" Taylor looked Down his feet ' Because people Judge me... It'd be easyer if i was just a girl' Kevin looked worried at his little brothers 'but are you doing it for yourself...Or Them?' Taylor thourt in a bit. "Me i guess" Joe smiled at Taylor 'Tay, we'd love no matter what sex you are! But before you do anything, try to talk to your coaches, and parents.'

Everyone around Taylor, told him it was ok if he had a sex change. It wouldn't affect his Ice Skating & Ballet. Taylor got a time for the surgery right after ballet class, monday.

"That's all for today girls... See you next monday. You May not be able to regonize me" Taylor said. All the girls left the room exept Emily. "Taylor! What are you gonna do today?" She said. Taylor smiled at her "Thanks for asking, Em" he said "Don't tell anyone. But I'm getting operated into a girl today" "why?" She said confuced. "Because I'm girly and I'm gay and stuff" he smiled. 'What's a gay' Emily Said nervous. "It's when a guy is in love with another guy" Taylor explained. Emily looked up at Taylor ' but Taylor! Why change? I love you the Way you are..don't change' she cried. She hugged Taylor. "Aw, Em! I just wanted to fit in for once" Taylor Said. Emily hugged Taylor tighter. "But your my hero" "what?" Taylor said supriced. Emily nodded "you're my hero, because of you i Can dance ballet. And you made me stong anough to be myself. Why aren't you" Taylor realized she was right. He did tell the, to Be true to themselves and what was he doing now. And Kevin was right, he changed to be accepted, not because he wanted to

Taylor cancelled the surgery and started being true to himself. All because of a special little 8 year old girl. Always follow your heart & Be yourself.

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