Because of Him

"Love is just a lie people chose to believe."

Love is a strong word. Used too many times these days.
Love isn’t a feeling, it’s a thought. No one can feel love. You just think you love someone, until they break you.
Trust is also a big issue, especially in Ainsley Belle’s life. Her dad left her and her family for another woman. How could she possibly trust him again? How could she trust anyone? Everyone lies, everyone hates; no one is in love in this world. Or at least that is what Ainsley thinks.
But when a boy is brought into her life, will her aspect on love change over time? Or will it get even more hidden within her?


2. Characters!!! *NOT A CHAPTER*

Just Letting You Guys Know This Is Not A Chapter!!!!


Ainsley Belle Barden: is casting as Lily Collins, when she was in the movie Abduction


Kayden Bennet Barden: is casting as Noah Lomax, when he was in Safe Haven


Hunter Barden (the dad): is casting as Greg Kinnear, when he was in Stuck in Love


Sarah Barden (the mom): is casting as Kelly Preston, when she was in The Last Song


Lily Foster (girlfriend of Hunter): is casting as Cate Blanchett, when she has short hair


Harry Styles: is obliviously Harry Styles


(If you guys have any questions ask in the comments!)

xoxo M

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