Because of Him

"Love is just a lie people chose to believe."

Love is a strong word. Used too many times these days.
Love isn’t a feeling, it’s a thought. No one can feel love. You just think you love someone, until they break you.
Trust is also a big issue, especially in Ainsley Belle’s life. Her dad left her and her family for another woman. How could she possibly trust him again? How could she trust anyone? Everyone lies, everyone hates; no one is in love in this world. Or at least that is what Ainsley thinks.
But when a boy is brought into her life, will her aspect on love change over time? Or will it get even more hidden within her?


4. Chapter 3:

Ainsley’s POV***

When I get home it is 8 o’clock. How long was I there with Harry? It only felt like 5 minutes.

I want to get to know Harry, but just as a friend. I don’t believe in love, or boyfriends, or marriage.

Love is not a think, so you can’t be in love. Boyfriends are only temporarily. And marriage is just a ring and a few words that could be taken away with a divorcing contract.

I used to believe in love. I used to actually trust people too. Until I walked in on my dad and Lily making out on my mom’s birthday. It wasn’t very fun to see the man I loved more than myself, basically having sex on my mother’s birthday.  I was only 16.

I didn’t tell my mom what I saw, until one day Hunter and my mom were fighting. I stepped in and screamed at my dad, I screamed so hard my own ears hurt from the loudness. He left that evening, in a mustang with Lily in the passenger seat. A stupid move on his part.

Then a month later I turned 17, and he didn’t even call to say ‘Happy Birthday honey!’ or ‘Miss you Ainsley Belle’, not even a card came in the mail.

That’s when I knew that love is fake. Love is temporary. Marriage doesn’t last, love fades and hatred creeps in.

Before I can finish my thoughts a little body is in my arms. “Thank God you are home Ainsley Belle, Lily woke me up and she asked if I needed help getting dressed. She does know I’m 9 right?” Kayden says into my hair. “And you smell like rubber, where were you?”

I laugh, “I will tell her the next time I see her. And you do know I would never leave you here with them right? We can’t trust them, and I would never leave my little loser here,” I pinch his cheeks and ruffle his hair. I ignore his last question about where I was.

“Come on, let’s go to the beach,” I say and we race each other to our rooms to get dressed.


“Ainsley?” Kayden says kicking a shell as we walk along the wet sand.

I mock him, “Kayden?” The breeze blows my hair and I don’t even try to fix it. It feels good to be free.

“Do you think dad has changed? Remember those nights I would come into your room and sleep on the floor because I was scared of dads yelling? Do you think he yells at Lily like he did mom?” His voice cracked at the end. He is so sensitive with this subject.

I think for a minute and finally sigh, “You know, for a nine year old, you are pretty damn smart.” I laugh and look out towards the water. “People never change Kayden. You can only mold them to who you think they should be. Mom tried to mold dad into a smart and sweet person, but he isn’t. Dad grew up in a bad family to begin with, so he learned how to yell from his dad probably.” I pause, “But Kay, I think he has seen what he did wrong, and he is trying to fix his life with Lily.”

Kayden looks up at me, his brown eyes glossy, “But he was in love with mom, not Lily.”

I chuckle, “Love is a thought Kayden. You can’t ‘be in love’… it isn’t a thing. Mom and dad liked the thought of being in love.”

“Now stop asking me depressing questions, we are at the beach for crying out loud, go play. I want to design some on my journal.” I walk to a dry spot of land and sit comfortably in the hot sand. Kayden goes the opposite way into the water.

As the minutes go by it gets hotter and hotter, so I take off an article of clothing every now and then, leaving me only in my bathing suit after awhile.

I am wearing a bikini that is white and strapless, with turquoise blue bottoms. I pull my Ray Ban sunglasses over my eyes and sit back to tan, leaving my journal at my side.

After about a half hour of sitting there in the baking sun, I hear a voice call my name, “Ainsley! Come in the water, it feels great!” Kayden shouts though the air.

I sit up, “I hate the ocean!” I call back. I pick up my journal and design some more. If I want to go to college for makeup design, I have to make a portfolio of my work. So I should get busy.

I am too busy to look up from my journal when I see a shadow approaching me. “What do you want loser?” I ask Kayden when the shadow stops in front of me.

The shadow coughs and I look up, squinting from the sun, “Am I really a loser? I mean we did just meet, you don’t have to judge me so quickly,” Harry’s voice laughs.

I gasp and stand to my feet brushing off the sand from my butt. “Oh my god, I thought you were Kayden!” I put my hands over my face in embarrassment. “I swear- oh my gosh- I’m so sorry,” I am blushing like crazy and I can tell Harry is enjoying it.

His deep laugh fills the air and the wind carries it away, “You’re fine, I thought that was you sitting there, but I couldn’t tell from the sun. It would have been really weird if it wasn’t you.”

I giggle, “Well, it’s me alright. Kayden is in the ocean. Why aren’t you at work?” I ask noticing he isn’t in his work outfit. He is wearing no shirt, which is an amazingly, wonderful sight, his tattoos very visible and still don’t make any sense to me at all, and in white basketball shorts and running shoes.

He looks towards the ocean, to see Kayden splashing the water at nothing, “Well my dad gave me the day off cause I had worked over the weekend. I come down to the beach to run every once and a while.” He takes a deep breath, “And you escaping from your dad and Lily, I’m guessing?”

I nod my head, “You guessed correctly. Hey, do you have the time?” I ask, wondering if I should head back to the house soon.

“Um, let me look,” he pauses while he turns on his cell phone. “Yep, it is 2 o’clock on the dot. Why?”

“Oh, I was just wondering, I think Kayden and I should start walking back soon,” I bend down to pick up my towel and journal from the sand. “Kayden, come on, it’s time to go!” I shout to the little boy jumping in the waves.

“You guys walked? Your house is like 2 miles away,” Harry says, looking down at me. I hadn’t noticed how tall he was. Probably 6 foot something and I am almost 5’3. Damn I am short.

I shrug, “It’s not that far really.” I don’t remember it being that far of a walk. Maybe I was too busy thinking and talking to Kay to notice.

I begin to walk towards the water to go pull Kayden out of it. “Hold up, let me give you guys a ride, my car is just up the street.” Harry runs behind me to catch up.

“I thought you ran here?” I grin at him. He laughs and I can see his cheeks flushing.

“I did run here, but I stopped when I saw you.” His words surprise me. I didn’t really think about it, why did he stop when he saw me? “So do you want the ride or not? I won’t take no for an answer.”

I stop walking and cross my arms, “What happens if I say no?” I ask testing Harry a little bit.

“I could always drag you,” He winks. I practically fainted at that moment.

I laugh, “Kayden hurry up! We need to go home,” I shout once again. “A ride home would be lovely, thanks.”

He claps his hands together, “Great, I’ll drive it over here!” And with that he runs away to go get his car.


I finally pull Kayden out of the water and Harry drives up in his… car?

“You said a car! Not a dune buggy Harry,” I shout over the wind and the engine of the vehicle.

He smiles, “Same thing, now hope in.”

It takes less than five minutes to get back to our house. My hair is everywhere from the force of the wind in the hoodless buggy and I am sprayed with water, because Harry purposely drove into the ocean.

Kayden’s hair is in a rats nest, but his face is clear as day and he is thrilled. “Whoa! Can we do it again!? Please? That was so fun, is it yours? What’s it called? How fast were we going? Can I drive it?” Questions fly out of his mouth like bullets from a gun. 

I cover his mouth so he can’t speak anymore. “Kayden go inside, make sure the creep isn’t being to creepy,” is the first thing I think of to get him away.

“Thanks Harry!” Kayden shouts as he run back to the mansion.

I laugh at him and turn back toward Harry, “He is gunna wanna be your best friend now.”

Harry shrugs, “I am cool with that.” He puts his hands behind his head like he is relaxing in midair. His torso stretches and his abs tighten.

I lick my lips and try to contain myself, “Thanks for the “2 mile” buggy ride,” I wink at him, putting air quotes around 2 mile, because it was defiantly not 2 miles.

He smirks, “Okay maybe it was only a mile, but I had to make an excuse to drive you.” He shrugs, throwing his hands back down next to his waist.

I looked at the ground, “Thanks again. I’ll see you around,” I wave to him and walk to the house.

“Hold up Ainsley Belle, you can’t just leave. I at least want your number, or something.” He fakes a puppy dog look and closes his hands together to make it look like he is begging me.

I sigh and hold out my hand for him to give me his phone. I walk closer to him to reach it; I type in the 7 digit number and look up. His face only inches from mine.   

He leans in closer, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear; I quickly push the phone into his chest. “See ya later Harry,” I shout as I run away, leaving him alone, with the wind blowing through his hair and his feet buried in the sand.


(SOOO?! What do you think? Too boring? Well trust me it gets kind of intense later on. But please comment and ask questions! I love answering and favorite or like this fan-fic cause I know you want to ;)

I don’t know the days I will be uploading yet but hopefully I can do it every other day, or every two days, but I go to a school with a lot of homework so it could be hard for me to do it on week days! But I will figure it out! Xoxo M)

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