Because of Him

"Love is just a lie people chose to believe."

Love is a strong word. Used too many times these days.
Love isn’t a feeling, it’s a thought. No one can feel love. You just think you love someone, until they break you.
Trust is also a big issue, especially in Ainsley Belle’s life. Her dad left her and her family for another woman. How could she possibly trust him again? How could she trust anyone? Everyone lies, everyone hates; no one is in love in this world. Or at least that is what Ainsley thinks.
But when a boy is brought into her life, will her aspect on love change over time? Or will it get even more hidden within her?


3. Chapter 2:

Ainsley’s POV***

I follow close behind Kayden when we try to find the dining room. “Where is it?” He whispers.

I shrug, this house is too big to find the bathroom, let alone a dining room. “Turn right,” I whisper in his ear. When he does we see a table set for five. Wait, five?

Lily’s face lights up when we enter the room. “Ainsley, you are sitting next to me! Kayden you can sit next to your dad,” she bits her lip excitedly. She’s a little too happy for my taste.

“Why are there five seats?” I ask still standing in the door way.

She pats the spot next to her, gesturing me to sit down, “Well, the other day your father’s car broke down, and a young man at the local car shop fixed it for free! So Hunter invited the boy over for dinner as a thank you.”

I sit across from Kayden, who is staring at his lap. Poor kid, he looks so sad. I bet if my dad hadn’t cheated on my mom with this fake as bitch, Kayden would be happier.

I don’t say anything back.

I hear two loud voices coming from the unknown room to the right of me. One is dad’s voice; the other voice is not familiar.

“Harry, this is my lovely girlfriend Lily, and these are my two children Ainsley Belle and Kayden,” Dad introduces.

Standing beside Hunter is a tall, thin boy that looks about my age. His mop of hair is dark and curly, kind of like Kayden’s. His skin is flawless, but tattoos ink his arms, random tattoos also, they don’t look like they have much meaning.

Harry shakes Lily’s hand, “So nice to meet you! You are Des’s son correct?”

“That I am. Nice to meet you too,” his voice is deep and different. Not American, he must be British.

He still hasn’t made eye contact with me and I am thankful; because I am staring at him. He is so… pretty.

Harry pats Kayden on the back and sits next to him, I don’t say a word. His green eyes look at Kayden with gentleness and love. “Hey pick your head up; you’re going to get a crick in your neck.” Harry smiles down at Kayden.

 Kayden laughs, but doesn’t make eye contact with the tall handsome boy sitting next to him.

My dad coughs to get our attention, “A toast to Ainsley and Kayden for coming home for the summer. And other toast to Harry for joining us and fixing my car,” Hunter chuckles a bit when he is finished with his toast. I clink glasses with Kayden, Lily, Hunter, and then Harry.

Harry does a double take when glancing at me, and then he stares. I gulp and look away nervously.

I have never been the type of girl to hang out with guys, or even talk to them. I have too many trust issues to even allow a 5 foot radius between me and a boy.

Hunter sits down with a huff; he’s getting old I guess. “So, how was the drive over here? Too long? Traffic?” He asks, while serving himself a plate of eggs.

I shake my head no. But Kayden speaks up, “Ainsley wouldn’t put the convertible top up on her car so my hair was flying everywhere.”

I laugh. Everyone is serving their plates while I just sit there. I am not hungry and I had pancakes this morning.

And of course Lily notices, “Ainsley, are you sick?” She asks and all eyes turn towards me.

I shake my head, “I had pancakes this morning. But thanks.” I say a little too rudely, giving my dad a glare.

I don’t know why I am being like this. I guess 2 years without seeing someone really takes a toll on your life. Lily looks upset at my words but I ignore it.

There is a silence for a few minutes, just the sound of forks hitting glass plates and heavy breathing from my dad.

Lily straightens up, “I made lemon pie. Your dad told me it was your favorite,” She smiles at me.

I sigh and look up from my lap, “I don’t like lemon pie anymore. I guess taste buds change every two years.” I glare again at my dad.

He has no business to try and act like he knows me. I have been to hell and back these past few years and he doesn’t even bother to call, yet he can tell his nosey girlfriend what my favorite pie is?

He sets his fork down, “Ainsley Belle outside now.” He demands. That’s it. I’m done.

I stand up, “Don’t you remember daddy? I’m not 17 anymore; you missed two birthdays, so you can’t tell me what to do.” I say through gritted teeth, and begin to walk out of the room but I stop, “Oh, and I’m sorry for ruining dinner, but it’s not like you can’t afford to make more.” 

And with that I bolt up to my room. It’s only 4:30, but I plan on sleeping for 24 hours, and if I can even more than that.


I wake up too early to comprehend but I did go to bed last night at 5. So I guess waking up early didn’t hurt me. I look at the clock that is mantled to the wall across from my bed, 4am.

I forced myself to climb out of bed and walk to the bathroom.

When the hot water from the shower turned cold I decided to get out. I don’t know what I’m going to do today but I feel like dressing in a cute outfit. I pick out a pair of jean shorts, with floral looking print on the back pockets. The top I go for a light brown long sleeved baggy shirt. It hangs just past my hips and leaves about 2 inches of jean showing. I throw on some makeup and my hair dries naturally, in waves. Lastly I put on a long dog tag necklace to give it some edge.

I quietly walk down the steps, walking into what I think is the kitchen. There is a bowl of apples, I grab the reddest one I see and take a bite of it.

I almost walk out of the room, but I stop when I see a jacket on the floor by the sink. I walk over and bend down to pick it up. It is a black leather jacket with a skull printed on the back of it. The skull has hearts as the eyes, and a mouth that looks like it I treaded shut, like a doll; kinda creepy.

Wait… that guy Harry was wearing it last night I think. I look up from the jacket and walk around the downstairs to see if he is here. Why would he be though? Did Lily and Hunter let him spend the night? I doubt it.

Once I am convinced the downstairs is empty, except for Lily and Hunter asleep in their room, I decide to go for a drive. But I take the jacket with me, Lily said that he works at ‘the local’ car shop, so maybe I can stop by and give it to him.

I don’t know where I am going, but anywhere from here. The sun is just coming up and I can feel the breeze of the beach from here. I totally forgot that Hunters mansion is literally on the beach. I will have to go out there sometime.

I drive around for at least an hour before finally spotting an old, run down car shop. I can’t read the name of the car shop, rust has taken over the words that spell out what it says.

But I see a body moving around behind a truck, so it must be opened. I pull into the empty parking lot and lock my car. I knock on the door to the shop, the sign says closed but I see someone in there.

Then I hear a voice, “Shop is closed until 7, read the sign,” the voice is raspy and British, and I’m guessing its Harry.

I open the door anyway, why isn’t it locked if it is closed?

“I said we are close-,” He says sternly, but stops when his eyes meet mine.

I stutter, “I- you left your jacket at the house last night, sorry I- I’ll leave,” I shyly exit the shop and begin to walk to my baby blue car.

I hear the door to the building re-open, “Ainsley…right?” I turn on my heel slowly to look at him.

He has a dirty rag in his hands and then puts it into his back pocket, letting it hang out a little bit form his black jeans.

I brush a piece of hair away from my face, “Yeah, Ainsley or Ainsley Belle. You can call me either one,” I smile and look at the gravel beneath my feet. I can feel his eyes burning through my skin, which makes my cheeks turn red.

I glance up at him, “Here’s your jacket,” I walk over to him slowly and he takes it from my hand, still staring at me with a small smile.

We look at each other for a few moments in silence, but he snaps out of it, blinks a few times and coughs, “Um sorry, do you wanna come inside? I mean you don’t have to I was just thinking it’s a bit chilly out here and… and I just made some coffee if you want any,” he rubs the back of his neck, a nervous gesture I have seen many boys do in the past. 

I smile, “Sure, um yea, coffee sounds great.”

His faces lights up and he walks back towards the shop that was ‘closed’ only minutes ago. I follow close behind him.

“You can sit on the couch if you want,” He points to an old sofa in the corner of the room. It smells like rubber and oil in here, but I don’t mind. The couch is soft and cozy, yet filthy looking. I sit there, looking around the room, while Harry gets coffee from a back room.

Old banged up license plates are screwed into the walls, and tires are glued to the ceiling. Not just car tires, there are bike tires, motorcycle, you name it.

Harry walks back into the main lobby with two cups in his hand and sits on the carpet in front of me.

I take the coffee without looking at him, I stare at the ceiling, admiring the way the tires look like they are spinning, but not really.

“Is this your car shop?” I ask quietly, this time looking at the walls.

He shakes his head, his mouth full of hot coffee, “No actually, it’s my dad’s. He comes in around 8 or so.” Silence lingers in the air after that, but I still enjoy looking around

I nod my head. I wonder if Harry thinks I am a fool for causing a scene last night at dinner.

I speak up nervously, “I’m sorry for last night, I didn’t mean to ruin dinner for you or anyone really.” I pause and my cheeks flush, “My dad and I… we have a complicated relationship.” I smirk at the ground, embarrassed for what I said and did last night.

He chuckles, “It was actually quite entertaining if you ask me.”

I open my mouth and laugh, throwing my head back, “Entertaining? Really, I see it as amusing and selfish of me.”

He opens his mouth to say something but my phone vibrates before a word comes out; I look at the caller I.D.

“Sorry it’s Kayden,” I say answering the phone. I stand up and walk to the other side of the room. “Hey, what’s up?”

I hear a sniffle, “I- I didn’t know where you were, I thought you left,” he cries into the phone.

“Aw, Kay I just ran out to… the store, I’ll be home in 10 minutes. I promise.” I hang up the phone after he says goodbye.  

When I turn around Harry is on his feet, looking at me with concerned eyes, “Sorry, that was Kayden. He’s scared to be home alone with them I guess. I should go, but thanks for the coffee.” I grab my purse from the dirty old couch and start walking to my car.

I can hear Harry’s footsteps behind me. “Wait, will I ever see you again?” He asks when I start the engine.

I shrug, “I don’t know, maybe my car will break down one day,” I smile.

He grins back, “I’ll fix it for free.” I laugh at his connection with my dad and the other day when his car broke down.

I don’t say anything back, but I slowly drive out of the parking lot. “Wait, Harry!” I shout out of the convertible. He turns around to face me.

“What type of car am I driving? I’ve always wanted to know?” I stupidly ask. Who wouldn’t know what type of car they owned? Me, that’s who.

I can see his white teeth shine from the sun as he speaks, “A 1953 Skylark Convertible; it’s a classic!” he shouts back to me.

I bit my lip and speed off. As much as I hate being in Charleston, I can tell my car will be ‘breaking down’ quiet often this summer.


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