Because of Him

"Love is just a lie people chose to believe."

Love is a strong word. Used too many times these days.
Love isn’t a feeling, it’s a thought. No one can feel love. You just think you love someone, until they break you.
Trust is also a big issue, especially in Ainsley Belle’s life. Her dad left her and her family for another woman. How could she possibly trust him again? How could she trust anyone? Everyone lies, everyone hates; no one is in love in this world. Or at least that is what Ainsley thinks.
But when a boy is brought into her life, will her aspect on love change over time? Or will it get even more hidden within her?


1. Chapter 1:

         Ainsley’s POV***


“No mom, I refuse to go.” I practically shout at my mom.

Pots and pans clatter together as my mom finds a frying pan to make breakfast. “Ainsley, I’m not arguing with you. You haven’t seen your father in over 2 years. I think it’s time for you to move on, I moved on a long time ago.” She says sternly, I could tell that she was lying. She will never move on from what he did. She always stands up for my dad, even though he left us.

My dad lives 2 hours away from us. He moved out when I was 17 and my younger brother Kayden was 7. He left us for another woman, she is rich and beautiful. I’ve never talked to her, or even seen her for that matter. I think her name is Lola or something like that but who cares.

I groan at the thought of meeting my dad’s girlfriend, “Please mom I’m begging you, don’t make me go.” I sit at the dining room table and put my head into my hands; a sign of stress that I do a lot.

She sighs and looks at me with a small smile, “You’re 19 Ainsley, stop whining like a child and go wake up your bother.” She laughs and goes back to making pancakes.

I huff and stand up to walk up to Kayden’s bedroom, “Exactly mom, I’m 19. I don’t have to go if I don’t want.”

She doesn’t respond, but I know what she would say, ‘You are an adult, but if you want me to pay for college, you will go to your fathers.’

I am really old for my grade, I just graduated high school, but I turned 19 six months ago. I am planning on going to South Carolina University for 2 years to get a degree in art. I want to be a makeup artist for famous singer, actors, and other rich people.

I don’t even knock on Kayden’s door, “Wake up loser,” I grab a pillow that fell to the floor and smack his face with it. “We are being forced to go to dads.” I dramatically say and sit on the edge of his bed and wait for him to respond.

Kayden and I don’t get along all the time, but most to the time we are like best friends. He moans and flips over onto his stomach, covering his face.

I pat the fluffy comforter, “Come on Kay, breakfast is almost ready and we have to pack.” I stand up and leave the room. I don’t bother going downstairs; I am annoyed at my mom, so I might as well pack for the summer in hell.

Hunter, my dad, lives in Charleston; so he is right on the beach. I packed all of my shorts, bathing suits, and t-shirts; few dresses, shoes, and nice outfits. My makeup barely fits into my ‘makeup bag’ but I make it squeeze. I have a wallet full of money that I have earned from part time makeup jobs, and I pack that too; because I doubt Hunter will loan me money to buy things that I want. I also packed my journal, and no not like a diary, but I draw makeup designs and I write some song names, poems, and quotes in there that I like too.  

Kayden is eating breakfast when I carry my suitcase down the stairs. His bag is sitting by the front door, ready to be packed into my car.

My car is my dad’s old car, but I don’t think of it like that. I love that car, inside and out. It is a baby blue with a white interior; with a convertible top. It’s a classic car, but I don’t know the name of it.

“You ready Kayden?” I ask. I am not eager to leave but I want to beat the city traffic. With his mouth full he nods his head and puts his dirty plate in the sink.

We say our goodbyes to our mom and pack our few bags into the backseat of the car.

“You ready to have the summer of a life time?” I sarcastically say and put the gear into drive.

Kayden laughs, “Can’t wait.”


 “Yes mom I swear I followed the directions you wrote down, but this house is too big to be his.” I star at the house in amazement.

She tells me to knock on the door and see, I hangup when she says goodbye.

Kayden’s jaw is touching the floor when I look at him, “This is his... house?”He doesn’t look at me, but gawks at the largeness of the cobble stoned house in front of us.

I shrug, “Apparently, go knock on the door and see.”

His eyes widen and he looks straight at me, “No, you do it. You’re his daughter.”

I laugh and narrow my eyes at him, “Yea, and you’re his son, go knock on the door.” I basically demand. I love having advantage to tell him what to do, because no matter what he says I always have something to say back. It’s a big sister thing I guess.

He rolls his eyes and pushes the car door open. The walk up the driveway looks as long as a soccer field, and Kayden’s slow walking doesn't make it seem any shorter.

“We don’t have all day loser,” I whisper so only he could hear me. He waves his hand at me, signaling for me to be quiet.

It took about 2 hours to get to Charleston, and it is now 3 o’clock. I wish it was night time so I didn’t have to talk to my dad as much and I could have an excuse to go to bed.

The door swung open when Kayden rang the doorbell and he was engulfed in a hug, not from a man, but a woman. Lyla or Lola I’m guessing. I can never remember her name. Once she lets go Kayden turns around, “Come on Ainsley Belle!” He shouts through the long ass yard.

I lift both suitcases and drag them to the front door. Thanks for the help Kay.

The woman stands there waiting for me. Why can't her and her 9 inch high heels come down the steps and help me carry these bags?

“You must be the lovely Ainsley I have heard so much about.” The blonde headed lady in a tight dark purple dress reaches out to hug me. I drop the bags, and half hug her. “I’m Lily. Your father is in the kitchen making dinner. He is so happy to have you guys here for the summer.” Her smile is unnecessarily big and her heels click on the hard wood floor of their mansion.

When did dad get so much money? We were living off of scraps when he was around, and now he is living in paradise, while mom has to work her ass off just to put food on the table? What a dick.

Being the young boy Kayden is, he is not fazed by how this summer will turn out, he just likes the idea of never ending video games and having a rich dad.

We enter the kitchen and I see my dad standing with his back to us and he is flipping something on the stove. Pancakes, he made them every Monday for dinner. But Kayden and I already had them this morning, and I have suddenly lost my appetite.

He turns around on his heel, spatula still in hand, “Kayden my man! Ainsley Belle!” He looks at his watch, “I wasn’t expecting you guys for another hour!”

Before I can think about what he is doing, he closes us both in a hug. I slightly push away and narrow my eyes at him. He coughs, noticing my uncomfortable sense.

Why would he hug me? He hasn’t called, texted, or seen either of us in 2 years!

He goes back to his happy face, “You guys are all grown up! 9 and 19?!” He throws his hands in the air, “Where has the time gone?”

Kayden hasn’t said a word, and neither have I. I don’t really plan to either. Kay’s face is blank, and his bottom lip is trembling. He is trying so hard not to cry, yell, shout, or whatever he wants to do up in that small brain of his.

I huff, “Where are the bedrooms? I would like to take Kayden and our bags upstairs.” I say without emotion.

Lily clears her throat, I almost forgot she was there, “I will show you.” She puts on her best smile and leads us to a spiral stair case. “This is a 6 bedroom house. Hunter and I sleep on the first floor; you guys basically have the whole upstairs to yourselves. Pick which ever room you want.”

I glare at her and walk into the closest room I find. Kayden goes to the room across from mine. We both slam our doors, not wanting anymore niceness from Lily.

I may be 19, but I have the attitude of a 15 year old. Kayden is in that awkward age range, yet he is so mature for his age and also has the attitude of a teenager.

The room I happened to pick is not large, but it is perfect size. I actually love it, despite the house the room is in, I think I will enjoy being alone in this room.

The walls are a soft lavender, a queen be is set right below a window sill and two dressers stacked against opposite walls. I open the closet door, the lights automatically turn on, and all four walls of the walk in space have shelves for clothes, shoes, and other items I might be able to place there.

I also have my own bathroom, but nothing fun about it. I unpack quickly so I can go see what Kayden’s room looks like.

I knock on the door softly, but don’t want for an answer. His room is a bit bigger than mine, coffee colored walls, a king bed, and only one dresser.

“Kayden?” I call out. The room might be big, but there is so much space in here.

I hear a faint voice say, “In the closet.” So I walk over to the white wooden door. He is lying on his back looking at the blank ceiling.

“I hate him. He’s acting weird. And Lily is too nice, it’s kind of creepy. Ainsley can we leave please? I don’t like this big house and… and I just want to go home.” He is sitting up now and almost in tears.

 I wrap my arms around him and rub his back, “Hey, you have me, right?” I hear him laugh quietly, and then sniffle.

“I don’t want to be here either. But as much as I hate to say it, mom was right. Dad hasn’t seen us in 2 years and he probably feels terrible.” Every word I say tastes like poison. “And Lily is creepy, but she’s never been a mom, and she is just trying to get us comfortable.” Now I feel like throwing up.

I was about to finish talking when I hear a voice, “Kayden, Ainsley Belle?! Dinner is ready!” Dad.

I sigh, “Come on loser, let’s go ‘enjoy’ dinner.”


( Hey lovelies! I can’t believe I am writing another fan fiction! For new readers I wrote a few fan-fictions in the past but I deleted them, don’t ask me why because I don’t have an answer. For those of you who don’t know I am a HUGE fan of One Direction, obviously, but if you have any question you want to ask me, leave a comment and I will try my best to answer everyone!

I know this chapter was a little slow but, it is going to get better, I hope! :) So please vote, comment, like, favorite, etc.

OH and I will have the cast list on the side, or I might just do a ‘chapter’ on the characters and stuff. But if you have any questions ask in the comments! Xoxo M)

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