Time in our hands.

Soul mates may be hard to find but in a world where you have no choice, would you want to spend your life with a assigned love or fight for your right to choose.


8. War-

hysterical crying wakes me before my alarm, it's 7:14 and our town has just been declared In a state of panic, the protests have finally hit us and by the look of Kaiden's mum, he has left to join them.

"I woke up and this was on my pillow, he was gone, I didn't even hear the door", Tracy sobs while she clutches the piece of wrinkled paper in her fist.

My hands desperately search for my phone, 3 texts from Alex he knows me too well already judging by the texts, non from Kai.

'Hi hope your ok:-) xxx'

'Clover, you there?xxx'

'You best not have, if you have I will kick your ass too the moon and back, do not protest, I forbid you, text me please? I'm worried about you xxx'

I have more important things on my mind than texting him back.

The main city had brought in reinforcement against the rioters, soldiers who carry guns and other weapons, I'm sure there not just carrying them to scare us.

The first gun shot sounds as I stair through my window, in the darkness you can still see there's smoke drifting from shops In the town centre, smashed glass and the sound of alarms bouncing off every wall, I've never seen so much destruction, it must be dangerous out there, Kaiden was in danger and I couldn't help him, I had to help him, I had to find a way out of the house, there has been blaring speakers warning us not to leave our homes so my father has locked all the doors and windows and probably took the key to bed with him, the only way out is the bathroom window, it's a tight squeeze but I'm sure possible.

I text Alex before I go, he will be asleep and hopefully by the time he wakes up to the message I'll be long gone.

'Im sorry, don't worry, keep safe, sleep tight, see you soon, I'll miss you, sorry xxx'

'Mum, dad..

I had to find Kaiden, he's out there and its my fault.

I can't explain but we were more than friends.

I love him and I can't let him fight, I need to find him, when I do ill bring him straight home, I promise you.

I love you both so much

Please don't worry, I'll be back soon,

Clover x'

My tears soak the paper beneath me and the last line smudges.

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