Time in our hands.

Soul mates may be hard to find but in a world where you have no choice, would you want to spend your life with a assigned love or fight for your right to choose.


10. silence-

"BURN THE FUCKER DOWN", a man screams as a petrol bomb goes flying over my head, straight through the window of the ministry building, scattering shards of glass into the crowd before blowing up.

The force from the blast has me on my knees again, this time someone is on top of me, scared to open my eyes I shuffle sideways and hit the wall, my ears silenced from the explosion, whoever was on me is on the floor now, his yellow jacket covered in crimson red blood patches, I watch them expand as he tries to pull himself upwards, grasping onto the windowsill next to me, I close my eyes again as the next bomb hits.

searing pain shoots through my left arm, someone is shaking me but I can't open my eyes, I don't want to see what has happened to my arm, the vibrations around me say the gun fire has started again, I need to shelter before I get hit and .

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