Time in our hands.

Soul mates may be hard to find but in a world where you have no choice, would you want to spend your life with a assigned love or fight for your right to choose.


1. Kaiden-

The door opens and I scan the room, looking everywhere except for the eyes who I can feel attached to the back of my head once again.

"I'll be down in a minute", I say brashly and she pulls the door too.

"Just hurry up ok, I'm not kidding now".

I hear her footsteps crunch along the wooden floor until they hit the thick carpet on the stairs.

"SHIT", I pull the ring from my tights, that was my last pair and now there's a big pull all the way down.

Wiggling I keep pulling them, trying not to catch the tear anymore before finishing the look with a quick spritz of hairspray. leaving my leg hard and and the rip firmly attached to my thigh I stumble over to the pair of grey heels lent against the shower, "you must be mad", I shout down to my mum, pulling on the chunky heels and adjusting the strap, I'm sure a pair of converses would have done just as good.

I catch sight of myself as I pass past the mirror in the hall, my natural dirty brown hair has been bleached and curled within a inch of its life, the makeup on my face resembles more of a 20 year old woman than the 16 year old girl who woke up this morning.

'Today was my day, the most important day of my short life, the day I meet my soul mate'.

My mother has been drilling that sentence in to my head for the last few months, "soul mates", I exhale laughingly, "what a load of bullshit".

Reaching the bottom of the stairs I am met with a pair of shining grey eyes, "oh wow, you look...", I cut him off, "don't even start Kai, I'm not I'm the mood", I start to walk off towards the room before he pulls me back, "I was going to say beautiful but yeah, whatever".

Mine and Kaiden's relationship has never been straight forward, when we first met he was the class clown in my year and I hated his guts, then I moved schools and he didn't bother me again until about four years ago.

There was a knock at the door and I opened it to see him standing on my step, "hey, can I borrow some sugar, sugar?" He smirks with that same cheeky look In his eye, it turns out his family had bought the house across the road when Mrs Cleek died and now I was going to be stuck seeing him from my window every day.

Ever since that day we have been friends, sometimes more but never less.

I had never thought about him in any other way until 6 months ago, it was a bad night, the rain crashing against my window and the sound of the wind leaving me unable to sleep, there was no use laying around in the dark so I turn on the light and get lost in the book that I've been reading.

There's a slight buzz and I look down at my phone.

"are yuu ok?"

It was Kaiden, he must have got back from the party and seen my light.

"yeah the wind woke me, Go to sleep"

" I can't, thinklingg of yu, keep me up at nightt, your alwaaay in my headd babeyy"

Oh god, he's drunk..

"Go to sleep Kai, your drunk"

"Drunk words aree sober thouugdghts" he replies, his texts slurred

"I'm going to sleep, sober up and I'll see you in the morning ok?"

*ring, ring! ring*

"SLEEP PISSHEAD" I shout down the phone at the silence on the other end, It's a good job my parents sleep on the bottom floor or I would be grounded for that noise.

There's a rustling sounds like sheets and I hear a small grumble of words come from my phone.

"What" I spit, it's to late to play drunken games.

"I said, I love you.."


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