Time in our hands.

Soul mates may be hard to find but in a world where you have no choice, would you want to spend your life with a assigned love or fight for your right to choose.


2. Journey-

"Well, um thank you", I stutter out, "I really don't want to go".

"And you think I want you too?", he holds on to my hand still, looking into my eyes, "no way, why should they take MY girl, I mean there's plenty of others, I don't see why they can't just pair us together and leave it at that".

"There not going to pair friends together Kai, the whole reason is to reproduce, not have fun".

"Yeah friends, just friends", the pain in his face shows he didn't want me to say that.

"Do you see a way around it?, no..they have us fucked from the day were born so why not get on with it".

"You don't understand at all", his eyes look blurry, and there's a catch In his voice, "I can't loose you, your all I have, everyone else has gone now".

Before I realise we're stood hugging, just a wall away from our parents, "I need to go in", I whisper, pointing to the door, "I can't be late or all the good ones will have gone".

He lets out a slight snort and we laugh, "you make it sound like a cattle sale", he grimaces, "you know its right, I'm there sheep, let's all follow the herd", we both laugh and walk towards the room.

"Well you look BEAUTIFUL", Kai's mum cries out, stroking my dress, "what a great colour, it really compliments your tan". the fake tan I had to cover my pasty skin with starts to itch.

"I suppose its not too bad, but mum, seriously, the shoes", I flick the heel on and off my foot, "I can't walk In short ones, never mind 5 inches".

"You have to look tall dear, you don't want to be singled out as the small one".

At this moment in time I really couldn't care less if I got singled out or crushed by a car, I'm sure a car would be less painful and 70 years quicker.

The back seat is a prison for the next 4 hours, despite the urges I have to throw myself through the door but my dad has locked them so there is no such luck.

The whole pairing shit started back in the 1950's, after the war there was a extreme lack of men in our country, most had been shipped away and killed and many had post traumatic stress disorder and were kept under section, this left a big gap of women not having children, meaning the population started to dwindle off and split into groups, married couples, couples with children and singles.

The government couldn't have this kind of behaviour and choice around, they felt it was a woman's duty to have children and repopulate the country, so there plan was to hold monthly balls in which a man would choose the woman he liked the look of and marry her, the vows laid down the law, 'each couple MUST provide a child within the first 7 years or they would be shot', this went on for many years until technology took over and left us with the system we have today, the horror of being assigned to a stranger for life by a lottery of numbers is enough to get me breaking into a cold sweat.

"Check your clock in time for me, we don't want to be late", my mum hums from the the front of the car, I bend my wrist slightly and check the numbers in printed on me, '010415:02:35'.

"2:35", I mumble back, starring at the clock on the dashboard, 12:46, less that 2 hours to go.

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