Time in our hands.

Soul mates may be hard to find but in a world where you have no choice, would you want to spend your life with a assigned love or fight for your right to choose.


7. Fight for us-

Laid in bed that night, all I could think about is the way Kaiden made me feel, how could I spend my life with a complete stranger when I already feel like that for someone else?

There's no way around my situation with Alex but I can't just leave Kaiden like that, not now anyway.

The phone buzzes from under my pillow as I try to drowned out the sound, I can't talk to either of them tonight, I would regret whatever I said.


When Alex's lips met mine a few weeks later it took all of me to not pull away from him, his ability to make me laugh and find something to joke about every time we met made me feel so at ease around him but physical contact was something I only ever had with Kaiden, we were dating and would soon be living together but anyone else felt like a stranger to me.

It was less than 3 days before the news of riots and protests in the bigger states came though, more and more people were standing up, protesting there right to choose who they spend there life with, breaking the system.

Watching the groups of people on tv, thousands all ready to fight, not only armed with there tongues.

It became real when it was noticed there weren't only teenagers, there were adults too, adults who wouldn't be taken down easy, who wanted justice for themselves and there children, a couple more days and this would be huge, this would be war and it couldn't have come sooner.

Kaiden's name appears for the third time tonight on my ringing phone, I had not seen or talked to him in days, I couldn't deny a short phone call to the poor boy.

"What do you think Clove? Will you come?..Hello?".

The phone had dropped from my hand the moment he mentioned joining the riots, Kaiden, protesting against the government is something I could not let happen, he could get hurt, there has been deaths already, I know there has been they've just kept it secret from the media.

"No, no you can't..I won't let you...you could die!", my voice gives up on me and I let out a sob, I can't let him hear me break.

His sobs meet mine as he breaks the silence.

"I'm going for you clove, I can't let you spend your life with him when we should be together, I'm going to fight for us".

I can't fight back the tears, "Us?, what are we? I've been paired now and that's it, unless there's a miracle we can't be together, I know its unfair but it's inevitable", I feel like I'm drowning In tears by the time I can pull the last word together, "don't fight for us".

The phone goes dead and I watch the light go out across the street.

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