Time in our hands.

Soul mates may be hard to find but in a world where you have no choice, would you want to spend your life with a assigned love or fight for your right to choose.


9. Coward-

The smell of burning leaves me gagging in seconds, another fire had had just taken over the shop next to me, the billowing black smoke coats any view I had ahead of me.

I carry on walking forwards, I know this street leads to the town hall, I'm sure there will be people there who know of Kaiden.

As the smoke lifts I can see the destruction around me, abandoned cars, shattered glass and blood, so much blood.

It takes me a few moments to register where all the blood has come from until I see the lump of black slumped in a shop door way, his top soaked with what I'm guessing has come from the hole in his chest, he was not moving, he was dead.

Suddenly a crowd starts to make its way down the narrow street, pushing me towards the town hall, I can't see Kai anywhere, the group is too big, I carry on riding through the crowd until the steps are visible, that is when the firing starts again.

I push myself to the ground, watching the people around me pull out there weapons, the noise blasts through my whole body and shakes my head, I needed to get to get Kaiden out of here, I couldn't be a coward I needed to fight to get to him.

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