Time in our hands.

Soul mates may be hard to find but in a world where you have no choice, would you want to spend your life with a assigned love or fight for your right to choose.


3. Alex-

5 minutes to go and my heart is racing like I've ran a marathon.

3 minutes and I feel like crying.

Somebody pushes me slightly from behind and I'm in the que.

"GOOD LUCK BABE!", my mum shouts, far to eagerly, "I hope he's a good one".

Yeah me too mum, me too...


"OUCH", the woman to my left has injected some sort of bar into me, "unit 352", she calls before a large suited man guides me to a long row of chairs

I'm still clutching my arm when he pulls me upright, still in a daze I can just about work out what he's saying.

"Unit 352m is ready for confirmation, I'll take you to meet him now".

Oh fuck oh fuck..there's beads of sweat dripping down my forehead and I can feel my lips begin to shake as we start walking down the long white clinical hallway, there are small doors on either side about 5 foot apart.

We reach the door with my number on and enter it slowly, my eyes start to blur with tears before I can stop them.

"Sit", the man gestures towards the chair, and I do as I'm told, the lights come up and I can see the figure sat to my left, "h-hello..", I pull my words together, "what's your name?".

His puffy bloodshot blue eyes meet me, "I'm Alex, nice to.. *sobs* ..meet you, um miss 352", he sniffs and looks back at the floor.

"My names Clover", I laugh, "Mrs 352 is my mother", I see Alex's lips raise into a slight smile, "well Clover, at least your funny, that's what I was dreading, some stuck up madam".

"Don't say that! You don't know me yet!" I smirk.

The suited man hands me and Alex both a sheet of paper, it has his basic details on.

Name- Alex Jacob Parker.

Age- 18.

Eye colour- blue.

Hair colour- dark brown.

Occupation- student/ chef.

Hobbies- playing the guitar, singing.

City of birth- Massachusetts.

Oh at least he's from my home town, I suppose that makes it slightly easier.

"You may both leave via the Y door, please be conscious of other couples and keep your noise levels to a minimum when traveling through the hall, have a nice life".

Great, brilliant, I've now officially been paired, welcome to my living nightmare Alex, I wish you luck.

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