He left you. He promised he never would. But he did. It was all your fault. You would do anything to get him back. But you can't. You can't believe he's... Gone.


2. The Story That Changed Everything

It was a typical Sunday, you came back from work at around 5:00pm. Considering you had a week of and so did Harry, you both decided to watch some films all night. You were watching The Notebook, one of you and Harry favourite films. Harry was getting hungry and so were you, you guys decided to dine to some pizza. It was around 8:00pm and beacause it was November, it was quite dark. Therefore Harry wanted to order the pizza and have it delivered. However, you wanted to go pick it up. Harry thought you meant driving to pick it up, but considering the pizza place was only a few blocks from you, you wanted to walk. Harry didn't feel quite so sure anymore, it was dark and he didn't want anything to happen to you.

(Y/N): Come on Harry! It will only take about an hour and we can watch the rest if the film later.

Harry: I know but... But...

(Y/N): But what!?

Harry: What if something happens to you?

(Y/N): What could happen!? It's only 8:00pm. It's not like I'm gunna die!

Harry: You don't know that. Look, anything could happen to you. It's dark and even though it's not that late...

You interrupted

(Y/N): Exactly! It isn't late! Come on baby!

Harry: But it's cold out there. I don't want you to get sick.

(Y/N): I'll wrap up then. Please Harry

Harry: Fine! But you have to keep close to me!

(Y/N): Yay!

You and Harry both put your coats on, Harry grabbed his beanie and you both set off.

Harry was right, it was freezing outside.

Harry felt you shivering so he put his arm around you and pulled your body close to his. You smiled.

Harry: Told you it was cold.

With his classic smirk

However even with your body pressed against his, you still were freezing.

Harry: Your still shivering babe. Do you want my beanie?

(Y/N): No, wouldn't want you catching a cold.

Harry: Well too bad.

He placed his grey beanie on your head. He then covered your ears just to make you warmer. His delicate hands touching your ears gave you butterflies in your stomach. Even in the cold his hands were warm and gentle. You smiled at him and he smiled back.

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