He left you. He promised he never would. But he did. It was all your fault. You would do anything to get him back. But you can't. You can't believe he's... Gone.


5. Regret

Five years later

You still can't. You craddled the beanie Harry gave to you that night. That was all you had left of him. His beanie was the only thing you remembered him with, it even smelt of him. How he always used to wear the same deodrant. You hated it, but now it's the only thing that would make you happy. You still had tears rolling down your face.

Harry kept telling you not to go and collect the pizza, but you didn't listen. Harry also waited for the traffic to pass by that night. Unlike you who ran into it. If only you waited with him, if only you listened to him when he said that we should've delivered the pizza. But you didn't. It was all your fault.

You regret it so much. Your world dissapeared in only less than an hour. Harry said that something would happen. But it didn't happen to you. It happened to him, which was even worse

How you would wish to feel his precious hands touch yours. For his gentle lips to meet yours. For you to just run your hands through his soft hair. For being able to call him yours again.

He left you alone with no-one. All you had was his beanie. It was all your fault, you would do anything to get him back, if only you could. But he was... Dead. He was gone.

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