He left you. He promised he never would. But he did. It was all your fault. You would do anything to get him back. But you can't. You can't believe he's... Gone.


4. Gone

You woke in hospital. At first your vision was a blurr but you regained it.

Infront of you was Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Eleanor. They all had tears streaming down their faces.

You panicked. There was some many questions you wanted to be answered: What happened? Were you injured? Why was everyone crying? But mostly Where was Harry?

Louis noticed you had wakened. He rushed towards you, following him was everyone else. They were so happy you were awake. You suddenly blurted out...

(Y/N): Where's Harry?!

Their happiness then turned into sorrow.

Liam: Well... (Y/N) Harry....

He couldn't finish.

(Y/N): Harry what!? What's happened?!

Louis: (Y/N) Harry's... Gone.

(Y/N): Gone!? You mean...?

Zayn: Sorry (Y/N)

You could't believe what you ahd heard. Harry was... Gone. The man you were in love with, the man who knew everything about you. The man who saved you from being hit by the car was... Gone. You burst into tears. You couldn't believe your baby was gone.

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