He left you. He promised he never would. But he did. It was all your fault. You would do anything to get him back. But you can't. You can't believe he's... Gone.


3. Disaster

You and Harry were still pressed against eachother. You were walking normally until you reached the road to which the pizza place was on.

You didn't think that any cars would by passing by at about 8:45pm on a Sunday night. Therefore you left Harry's side and crossed the road.

Your biggest regret

You were in the middle of the road when you saw a car zooming towards you. Your were scared. You didn't know what to do. Harry then noticed the car.

Harry: (Y/N)!!!!! NO!!

Before you could stop him, Harry ran out into the road with the car coming straight towards you.

The car hit you both.

The rest was black.

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