You & I

Lana Brown never knew love her father was a drunk, her step mom beat her, and her two step sisters made fun of her. No one liked her in this small town of Haven, Connecticut. All that changed when Lana moved to Holmes Chapel, England to go to the Acadamy of Performing Arts. That is where she met Harry Styles and all that love she never had was about to change.


2. No Love

     2 Years Earlier

   Hi I'm Lana Brown let me tell you a little bit about me i have a crappy life my father is a drunk, my stepmother beats me and my two step sisters make fun of me. So you can basically call me Cinderella.  "Hey! Lana!Come Here! NOW!" My stepmother calls me waking me up. "Yes." I say half awake. "You got a letter, Here." Stepmom throws me the letter and I go back upstairs to my attic of a room. I opened the letter "I got in." I wispered. I packed my bags and everything in my room. I texted Duke Crocker, Audrey, and Nathan to come pick me up. They are my best friends we are so close we are almost family. I snuck out the back which nobody ever uses Duke pulled up. Duke is so funny he always knows how to make me smile actually he was the first one to notice my scars and bruises.

"hey lovely so you got in, good for you." Duke said smiling at me. I got in his Steel Blue Jeep Grand Cherokee. We drove to the airport and sat for a couple minutes in silence. Audrey and Nathan pulled up with their son and my best friend Stiles in the back, they got out of the car so did Duke and Me."Hey we are gonna miss you Lana" Audrey says starting to tear up. "Hey be careful okay Lana" Nathan says I shake my head yes. Duke just hugs me. Stiles walks up to me hugs me and whispers in my ear "I will always love you." i hug him back. 

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