You & I

Lana Brown never knew love her father was a drunk, her step mom beat her, and her two step sisters made fun of her. No one liked her in this small town of Haven, Connecticut. All that changed when Lana moved to Holmes Chapel, England to go to the Acadamy of Performing Arts. That is where she met Harry Styles and all that love she never had was about to change.


4. Nialll's Friends

  I got in my dorm where a petite girl with baby blue eyes, blonde hair and pink tips. She walked up to me extends her hand and says to me "I'm Perrie Edwards you're new roomate and you?" I smiled and replied "I'm Lana Brown but people call me Ciderella because of how my life is." I said and Perrie laughed so hard "You are funny Lana I like you we could be friends you should meet the others, I think you'll like them." Perrie said dragging me to the game room. There were five boys one of them I had already met Niall and three girls. "Hey everybody this is Lana. Lana the one with the green eyes and curly brown hair is Harry Styles, the one with the one with spikey black hair and brown eyes that's my boyfriend Zayn Malik, the one with the Green eyes sitting next to Harry that's Louis Thomlinson, the blonde haired blue eyed is Niall Horan, the girl with the red hair and brown eyes that's Jesy Nelson, the one right next to her with the blue hair that's Jade Thirlwall and the girl right next to Jade with the curly hair that is Leigh-Ann Pinnock." Perrie said smiling at me. I just smiled back. "Girls, Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn we gotta go but Harry will give you the tour all right love." Perrie said smiling nervously. "Sure that's fine I'll catch up with you guys later." "I'm Harry nice to meet you Lana Niall told me you were a goaly that's preatty cool, shall we go take the tour?" Harry said with a smile sweeter than Summer picked strawberries. I smiled back and said "Yeah sure let's go then." Harry just smiled and said "Absolutly, let's go." He grabbed my hand as if he knew i was nervous and we walked and talked and at a piont I had almost fogotten about what Stiles had said but tomorrow was valentines day and it all came bact to me every thing between the crying and when Stiles said he loved me. I went to sleep with his words echoing in my head I Will ALWAYS LOVE YOU.

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