You & I

Lana Brown never knew love her father was a drunk, her step mom beat her, and her two step sisters made fun of her. No one liked her in this small town of Haven, Connecticut. All that changed when Lana moved to Holmes Chapel, England to go to the Acadamy of Performing Arts. That is where she met Harry Styles and all that love she never had was about to change.


3. I'm Here!

      I got on the plane the words Stiles said to me still echoed in my head. He loved me but he never told me until now. I laid my head back and closed my eyes. I awoke to the captain saying we have landed in Holmes Chapel. I got off and a man had my name spelt on a piece of paper. "Are you Lana Brown?" He asked as I walked over. Yes, I am.Are you here to pick me up?" I asked cautiously. "Yes I am My name is Simon Cowell, I am the dean at the Acadamy. Nice to meet you." Simon said pollitly making me feel less nervous. "Nice to meet you too Mr. Cowell. So what is it like at the acadamy?" I asked curiously. Simon just replied smiling "You'll see very very soon Miss Brown." I said "Okay."

I got out to a huge building that looked a billion years old. "Wow." A soccer ball was kicked towards my face I caught it with out flinching. A Blonde boy with dazziling blue eyes came to me and said in his adorable Irish accent "That was amazing are you a goaly, sorry where are my manners I'm Niall." I replied handing the ball to him "I'm Lana and Yes I was at a point in my life. Nice to meet you Niall."

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