Brittany is Zayn's sister that goes on tour with them all the time, and this time, their touring to Colorado from New York.


1. Wake Up

"Wake the fuck up Zayn!!" I yelled, "We're gonna be late!"

Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Louis were supposed to be meeting up at Harry's to get ready for their next tour.

"Harry won't mind if we're a little bit late," mumbled Zayn. 

"But you're already late! You slept in from the alarm so I let you sleep a little bit longer cause your so fucking annoying if I wake you up early and I lost track of the time," I explained

"I am not fucking annoying, I just don't get that much sleep because all I hear is you and Kyle in there moaning and - "

I cut him off before he could finish. "Shut the fuck up Zayn! It's none of your business what I do in MY room at night, and you can't judge me for it," I yell

"Well it is if it keeps me up all night!"

"Maybe you should have slept somewhere else!"

"And maybe you could stop being such a slut with Kyle and focus on your real boyfriend," He mocked at me.

"He is my real boyfriend, and get the hell up! We can't be any much later than we already are," I say

"Whatever...I thought Niall was your real boyfriend... turn the shower on for me," He asked

"I don't know but we really don't have time for you to -" He cut me off and started mimicking me.

"We really don't have time for you to be awesome Zayn... I will stop being a bitch now and listen to my sexy brother named Zayn..." He gave me a wink and smiled. 

"Your such an ass Zayn," I said trying to be serious but gave out a small laugh.

I went and turned on the shower and told Zayn to hurry up.

"I'll be there in a second!" He yelled from his bedroom.

"1!" I yelled trying to be humorous. 

I heard a loud shriek that had to be Zayn... I immediately ran to his room to see what was wrong. I banged on the door and it creaked open. I walked in and gave a loud shriek of my own at the sight I was seeing. Zayn... was naked. I stood there starring for a moment, then ran out the door. I ran to my room and slammed the door shut. I think I might have broken something on the door, but I was too scared to notice it. The image of my brother naked was running through my head..... OMG! I just remembered..... I saw my brother.... naked. Shiver's ran through my body like an electric volt. I didn't know what was going to happen next... and I almost didn't want to know. My door slammed open and in came Zayn. 

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