Brittany is Zayn's sister that goes on tour with them all the time, and this time, their touring to Colorado from New York.


3. The Airport Drive

We start walking to the car and Niall stops me.

"Babe... can we sit next to each other on the plane?" He ask's.

I give him the stupid face look and say, "Of course baby." and I give him a smile.

Harry finishes up locking the house, and comes out to the car. I drive, Niall's in the passenger's side and the rest are in the back laughing and talking. 

"Turn the Radio on Brittany," asked Liam 

"Sure thing..." I say looking at Niall.

I turned on the radio and the first song I hear is You & I came on

"NO!" I yell

"YESH!!" They yell back at me.

"I figured it out.... I figured it out from Black and White..." They sang together.

Uggghhhhh!!!! It's bad enough I have to hear them do it when their together NOT going to a concert or anything. 

About 20-25 minutes of 1D singing, we reach the airport. We get to the front and I let them go inside Niall and I take the car and park it in the parking garage. I park on level 4, color red. Niall grabs my bags for me and carries them through the elevator and into the airport where we meet the rest of the guys. 

I hear the lady over the speakers in the Airport saying, "Flight 983... Flight 983 is now boarding."


We all grab our bags and start running toward our flight gate. We reach them just as their closing the door and hand them our passes. They let us through. Thank God!


As soon as we get into the plain, I find two open seats for me and Niall. He put our stuff into a compartment and takes his seat next to me. We're sitting in the first class seats in front, and the guys are sitting in the first class seats by the end of the first class compartment. I get on my phone to check my texts and I have one from my mom. 

Mom: Your father and I are staying in Cancun for another week. I hope your okay with it. Call me or text me back if you need something. I hope you and the boys have fun in Colorado! Tell Zayn I love and miss him! Kisses:)

Great... mom and dad are staying in Cancun for another week. On one hand I really don't care, but on the other, I really want them home. It's so boring without them in the house. But, I guess they should have their fun too.

"Babe, are you hungry?" asked Niall. "You look hungry. Are you okay?"

I didn't notice anything wrong until he brought it up. I did feel a little home sick, cause I've only been on a plane one time before this.

"I'm fine, but thanks." I respond. "Actually, I do have to go to the bathroom... i'll be right back."

"Don't take too long." He said with a wink. I got up real fast and went to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and I noticed that I looked bloated. I sat down at the sudden feeling that the room was moving. I sat there for a minute until I felt the airplane start to move. I got up and went back to my seat. 

"The plane's about to take off. Can you please fasten your seatbelt." Said the lady.

"Sure thing." I respond.

I wrap the seatbelt around my waist and feel a jolt from the plane. I sit down, back strait against the seat, and get ready for lift off. 

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