Brittany is Zayn's sister that goes on tour with them all the time, and this time, their touring to Colorado from New York.


5. Is this a dream?

"Babe. Wake up." Niall whispered into my ear.

"Huh?" I asked, dazed.

"We survived. We are going to be okay." He mumbles.

"What are you talking about?" I ask

"The plane crashed while you were asleep... I don't know how you could sleep through it all." He said with a little laugh.

"Where did we crash?" I asked with a scared voice

"I don't know... But i wish I did." He said in a low voice, almost seeming to be cautious.

"What happened to the boys? What happened to my brother?!?!?" I asked in a high pitch voice.

"Keep your voice low will ya! and... I'm sorry about your brother... but he - "

I cut him off before he could finish.

"But what?!!?! My brother can't be dead!" I screamed.

"Shut up! Keep your voice down! I'm not going to ask you again..." He snapped.

"Why?" I asked, suddenly scared. "Is there something out there that I should be afraid of???" I yelled louder just to get him mad.

"No... But.. like I said.... I don't know where we are." He explained.  

I wish he would have said that before I yelled, because I think I might have triggered predators toward us. I look down the valley of trees standing before is and notice a human like thing at the end of them. 

"Hello?" I yell, "Is someone there? Can you help us please?"

Before I can ask another question I notice who the creature was. It was the airplane lady that told me to put my seatbelt on. But something was different... she didn't look the same as she did on the plane. I walk about 3 feet ahead and stop. I get a closer look at her and notice that half her flesh on her face is burnt off. I cringe at the sight. 

"Is there anyone else out there? Any other survivors?" I ask.

She looks at me like I've gone insane. I lean forward to start toward her but suddenly, some bird like creature is scooping her up and taking her away.

"NNNOOOO!!!" I scream at the top of my lungs. I begin to cry when a thought hit me. The creature that scooped down and picked up the airplane lady looked familiar... from a movie I have seen.

I sit down on a log and think. Where have I seen that bird before... Crept Away! That's the movie I saw that had birds that just so happened to look alike! Wait...... In the movie 'Crept Away', the birds take and rip the flesh from humans that they find stranded in a field of corn and wheat. I try to look around to see any sign of corn or wheat fields anywhere, but fortunately, there are none. But why would the birds be here if they like corn and wheat fields? I think. I start toward Niall that has continuously called my name since that lady was picked up. I reach in for a hug but am scooped up off my feet. I look up and scream at the sight of the bird from 'Crept Away'! I scream and hear Niall yelling my name again. But it's close even from the ground.

"Brittany! Brittany! Brittany!" Niall calls. His voice drifts off to a more clear softer tone.

I open my eyes and gasp. I'm still on the plane! I glance up at Niall and see that he's softly crying over me. He's hugging me tightly.

"What's wrong?" I ask

"You wouldn't wake up.... You just wouldn't wake up so I checked your pulse... and it was barely pulsing." He said in a real soft, complex tone.

I looked around and noticed that I was in some sort of room. There was an IV in my arm and it hurts when I move my arm in a swift way. So I lay my head back against Niall's chest and relax.

"Where are we?" I ask in a shuttered tone.

"We're in some sort of room by the cockpit, but I don't know where." He replied.

"Why are we here?" I ask.

"I already told you..." Suddenly, pain seemed to re-enter his facial expression. "I tried to wake you up to eat or drink something but you wouldn't wake up. I checked your pulse and your heart was really slow. I could tell it wasn't an ordinary dream."

"I had a nightmare," I begin to explain. It takes me about 3 to 5 minutes to explain to him what happened in my horrific nightmare. His expression during and after my dream wasn't surprising. Then he starts talking about how he will always be here with me and never leave my side and that he loves me and always will. Then I remember about Kyle. I have to choose between them... but my heart is saying toward Niall like a willow tree. I have to tell Kyle that we're through before something else happens. The nurse lady walks in and takes the IV out of my arm. A sharp pain takes place as she does so. Niall helps me up because I say I have to go to the bathroom. I get in there and lock the door. I whip out my phone as soon as I hear the click. 

Me: Kyle... we're through

About 30 second later...

Kyle: What happened? I've been texting and calling! Where are you?

Me: Leaving you... end of story.

Kyle: Babe, what's going on? I love you, please don't leave me.... please?

I become breathless at the moment, but manage to overcome my churning stomach at the moment.

Me: I used to love you, but I didn't feel that it was ever real, so I have to take a break from you and this... stuff.... that we're going through.

Kyle: Whatever... you know what, I honestly don't give a fuck about you anymore. 

Me: Hold on a second, you were being all synthetic then all of a sudden your acting like an ass

Kyle: Shut the fuck up Brittany, If you don't want to be with me anymore than stop texting and associating with me then you slut.

Me: You think you owned me and you still do. You think your such a bad ass because you hang out with a bunch of wannabe's 

Kyle: Shut up Brittany. We're through

Me: Well thanks for stating the obvious 

After that, there was no response from him... 




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