Brittany is Zayn's sister that goes on tour with them all the time, and this time, their touring to Colorado from New York.


2. Bad Memories

"Brittany... listen... I'm sorry - "


"Will you just let me explain?" He said. A painful look towered over his face. 

I had to calm down and let him talk. The memory was over powering me and I need to let it go.

"Okay... go ahead," I said quietly.

"Okay... Look.... I was taking my clothes off to wrap the towel around me to get in the shower, and something kind of big hit the window and it scared me and I dropped my towel. I was going to put it back over me but you reached my room too fast." He said

I didn't know if it was true or not, but it kind of makes sense. I needed to get him ready and forget about.... what happened about 5 minutes ago. 

"Okay... it's fine... just get in the shower and get it over with, we need to leave as soon as you get out." I say

"Okay, again... I'm sorry for what you saw," He said

"Just forget it, go." I said trying not to sound mean.



"Come on Zayn! We're not going to a beauty pageant! You don't need to take forever..." I yelled

"Well, if we were, I'd surely win it," he said with a smile "Did you warm up the car?"

"Yea," I respond. 'DING....DING' My phone was reminding me I had a text message. I pulled out my phone and it said .... oh crap... it's from Harry. It read:

Harry: Where the hell are you guys?!?!? The plane leaves in 20 minutes!


I grabbed Zayn and ran out the door. I jumped in the driver's seat and he got in on the passengers side. As soon as he buckled up I hit the gas. 

"Wow! Where did you learn how to drive like this?" He asked

"Dad, " I say with a smirk. "He tough me when I turned 15."

"Nice.... Red light Brittany!" He yelled

I automatically hit the breaks and we came to a jolting stop. Zayn and I flung forward  but the seat belt caught us before we could reach the dashboard. 

"Geez," said Zayn with a laugh.

"Yeah... We're almost there." I say

The light turns green and I hit the gas again, this time not so hard. We speed forward and I turn to the left. We get on the road again and I have to get to the far sidewalk side of the road, because there is a lot of traffic pushing me over. We come up to another Red light but it turns green just as we arrive at the lights. We keep going forward until Harry's road comes up. We turn onto his road and speed up to reach his house. 

We get out of the car and run up the front porch. I reach for the door just as it flung open. Niall stands in front of me mushing Zayn inside.

"Hey Baby," Niall said with a smile

"Hey," I respond and we kiss. He walks me in the door and all I hear is Harry yelling.

"Where the hell have you guys been?!" asked Harry with a loud tone.

"I didn't wake up to the alarm this morning dude, don't get all mad," answered Zayn

"Why didn't you wake him up brittany?" Asked Harry

"Because he acts like an ass if I wake him up early," I answered.

"I do not act like an ass," replied Zayn

"Shut the fuck up!" Yelled Louis, "We leave for the plane in 10 minutes... It's simple. We grab our shit, throw it in the car, go to the airport to get in the plane, and when we land in Colorado, we find our bus and get on it." 

"Well, if that's how you look at it then I guess you guys should get ready now," I say

They all run upstairs trying to beat one another to the top. I walk to the kitchen to get something to drink and end up grabbing a pepsi. When they all come back down their laughing and tell me their ready to go.

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