Chan-sa (angel)

he loved a girl, she loved him.

He realized how much he loved her where there was a car crash and she didn't make it out Alive.

Bottle after bottle of soju he spent most of his time missing her.

The only thing left of the girl was her diary.

The only thing left for him was his best friend jazzie.

"So your telling me that these people in your head are trapped?"

"There not real people, they come to me in dreams. They help me let go"

Letting go doesn't always help.....

"He had a gun to his head"

Standing on the edge of the bridge, it was to late.


Flashing lights appeared

"Everybody step away from the bridge, there's nothing to see here"


7. Ch -7-

I walked up the steps to jazzie's house, it's been a while sense I seen her. She grew up with me and lived in the house next to mine for 12 years, it's just now that she moved on a different side of town. I signed and looked down at my feet.

The door opened and jazzie looked at me "daehyun!" She said pulling me into a hug.

I smiled "hi jaz" I said 

"Please come in" she said opening the door wider so I could come in.

I smiled and walked in, a bunch of boxes covered the floor, it sorta looked like a tornado struck inside.

She closed the door and sighed "I'm sorry there's such a mess, we haven't quite gotten to the unpacking" 

"Oh, it's fine don't worry" i said 

She smiled wide "it's been so long how are you?" She asked

"I'm eh" I said shrugging my shoulders 

"Oh, what happened?" She asked putting her hand on my shoulder.

I looked into her creamy brown eyes then dropped my gaze to the floor "well, I week ago.......I into a car girlfriend died" 

She cover her mouth with her hand and I could see the sympathy just forming in her eyes.

"I'm so sorry daehyun" she said 

I shook my head "I-I'll be fine" 

She hugged me tightly "are you sure?" 

I nodded slightly "yeah, I'm sure. Just don't worry about me" 

The rest of the hours of that day was very very very boring, when I got home I laid in bed and closed my eyes, I had this really wired dream.

There was this man running around in a room of mirrors, he was looking for someone, i could easily see the name tag on the front of his jacket "youngjae" it read. But then something caught me attention, remi.......... The guy was searching for remi.

He placed his hand on a mirror gently, the lights shone down and his reflection in the mirror was remi. The lights flicked off and she was gone, he started to run around but then I could see the frustration raging in his face. He punched the mirror that remi was standing in looking at him. She had tears in her eyes and blood dripped down the cracks in the mirror, blood dripped off his fingertips and hit the ground forming a little puddle around his feet.

My eyes shot open and I looked around, my room was pitch black and I could see nothing but the blue light that the numbers on my alarm clock casted off. I sighed, it was only a dream I told myself. I laid my head down again and closed my eyes drifting off to sleep  

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