Chan-sa (angel)

he loved a girl, she loved him.

He realized how much he loved her where there was a car crash and she didn't make it out Alive.

Bottle after bottle of soju he spent most of his time missing her.

The only thing left of the girl was her diary.

The only thing left for him was his best friend jazzie.

"So your telling me that these people in your head are trapped?"

"There not real people, they come to me in dreams. They help me let go"

Letting go doesn't always help.....

"He had a gun to his head"

Standing on the edge of the bridge, it was to late.


Flashing lights appeared

"Everybody step away from the bridge, there's nothing to see here"


2. Ch -2-

"I'm home!" I called out.

The house remained still and only the sounds of cracking came from the old boards on the wall.

It was strange that no one was home, usually my parents where home from work at this hour. I made myself some kimchi and sat on the sofa.

I turned on the TV turning to a random channel, I stabbed a piece of meat with one of my two chopsticks and sighed.

It was very lonely in the house, it was three story with a fire place made out of pure marble, the walls smelt old and musky and it was obvious that they needed a new coat of paint. A chandelier hung from the ceiling casting out a bright stream of light to the room, the hard wood floor crack every so often when you stepped on a old board. In the middle of the room was a spiral stair case, underneath was a door that lead to the basement, towards the window pain sat a black piano. The house may seem beautiful but when it's just you it feels cold and lonely.

I put my dishes in the sink and looked at the time, I picked my car keys up off the counter and slipped on my shoes, I walked back down the cobble stone path and hopped in the car. 'This time I won't be late' I thought.

I stopped at a red light and looked out the window, the skies where pretty grey at this moment and it looked like it was going to rain.

The light flicked green and I parked out side the dance studio, remi looked up from the bench she was sitting on and got it "oppa you where late!" She said 

I nodded "I made sure I was on time" I said 

She smiled as I pulled out and drove down the street.

"I was thinking oppa" she said 

"About what" I asked looking at her 

"We should get our own place" she said 

I thought abit keeping my eyes on her "okay"

"Oppa!" She said  said 

I turned back and we where face to face with a transport truck it was to late to pull out, it crashed into the front of the car

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