Chan-sa (angel)

he loved a girl, she loved him.

He realized how much he loved her where there was a car crash and she didn't make it out Alive.

Bottle after bottle of soju he spent most of his time missing her.

The only thing left of the girl was her diary.

The only thing left for him was his best friend jazzie.

"So your telling me that these people in your head are trapped?"

"There not real people, they come to me in dreams. They help me let go"

Letting go doesn't always help.....

"He had a gun to his head"

Standing on the edge of the bridge, it was to late.


Flashing lights appeared

"Everybody step away from the bridge, there's nothing to see here"


13. Ch -13-

I  felt tears rush down my face as I approached remi's room, I was at her house cause her parents invites me over to talk with me about the whole thing.

I stood in the centre of the neatly tidied room and tears poured down my face.

"Remi why did you have to leave me?" I asked 

I picked up a picture from her dressed, it was me and remi on the first day that we started dating, I looked away from it and sat it back down, the room smelt like the perfume she used to wear. I sighed and put my hands on the brass door knobs of her closet I slid the doors open and walked inside the walk in closet, I slid my hands over the fabrics and I stopped, i took out one dress it was pink with white pokadots, I held it close to my chest, I wasn't sure if I could take all this anymore.

I put the dress back onto the rack and I took a couple more steps. The tile under neath my right foot came out, I raised a eye brow and kneeled down picking the board up, underneath the  board was a diary and a pen, I picked them up and opened to book to the first page. 

Reading this felt like I've been ran over by a plane, my heart split compleat oh in two. I flipped to the back of the book and seen that the pages where empty, she only filled it with the memories that me and her shared over the past year. Her mother walked in and rubbed my shoulders "you where the right man daehyun, so proper, so poise. It's almost heart wreaking to see you in a state like this" 

She took my hand and slipped something  inside  it closing my hand before I seen what it was, " as long as you have this the pain will disappear" she said 

I nodded "thank you, will I guess I must be going now. Thank your for everything" I said 

She smiled slightly "it's no problem at all, thanks for stopping by"

I nodded and quickly slipped the tile back over the hole and walked back down stairs, the grand father clock chimed as I walked past it but I guess I was to distracted to really notice it. As I walked back to my house I thought of something, I don't want to live like this anymore, I have to do something. I changed my cloths and slipped the object remi's mother gave me into my pocket. I picked up my flashlight and left the room. 

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