Chan-sa (angel)

he loved a girl, she loved him.

He realized how much he loved her where there was a car crash and she didn't make it out Alive.

Bottle after bottle of soju he spent most of his time missing her.

The only thing left of the girl was her diary.

The only thing left for him was his best friend jazzie.

"So your telling me that these people in your head are trapped?"

"There not real people, they come to me in dreams. They help me let go"

Letting go doesn't always help.....

"He had a gun to his head"

Standing on the edge of the bridge, it was to late.


Flashing lights appeared

"Everybody step away from the bridge, there's nothing to see here"


11. Ch -11-

These memories of remi are killing me, I give up on trying to move on, I don't want to move on, all at the same time i want to forget her. I wish I didn't love her so much, maybe then it would be easier to leave our memories behind and start new ones. I sighed and looked out the window at the busy streets. Out of all these people I had to be the one to suffer all this pain. I felt like my heart was slowly breaking in hundreds of little tiny pieces, I don't know what to go with anymore. Should I go with the guys in my dreams and let her go, or should I go with jazzie and remember her. Both she and I know that I will never be able to forget that day.

I sat down at the piano and started to play a song that my mom use to play all the time when I was little, it was a gentle song and probably a very old one. I sighed and hit the keys with my fingers, it's been forever sense I sat down and acctually done so thing worth doing. I heard the door knob turn and I let my fingers drift away from the white shiny smooth keys. 

"I'm home" dong woo called out

"Hi" I said getting up from the piano.

"You got out of bed today" he said and smiled 

"Actually no jazzie came over and dragged me out of bed" I said 

He laughed and looked at the piano "this has been in the house for as long as I could remember" he said smiling.

I guess he was remembering some good moments about the thing, I sighed and looked at the window, drops of rain hit the window and dropped down the glass.

I sighed and walked to the basement door, I opened it and turned the lights on. The light dimly lit up the room just enough so I could see, in front on me sat a huge would table with chairs around in the centre was a chess board with one horse shaped pawn left in the middle, all the other pawns where lying on there sides around the board. This board brought back memories that I didn't want to remember but I couldn't help but think of them. I sighed and pushed the pawn off the board with my index finger.

"Game over" I said and sighed sitting on one of the chairs 

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