Adopted By Simon Cowell

Hi My name is Bella I don't have a family , I'm in the orphan also I am 17 and as you can see I'm quiet shy and also when you get to know me well I am very bubbly. Well that's everything about me and I'm kind and also I'm Girly Girl .

*What Happens to Bella , Will some one famous adopt her Read to find out*


16. Practising to be a girl Boxer/ Turning bad but Good to the boy's Pt2

**Bella's POV**


I woke up too all my body sore , I slowly got up and went to the bathroom , I locked the door and stripped down to my naked body , I let the shower run for a bit so I looked into the mirror I took out all the bobby pins out an then shaked my head so I could get my pony tail out of my bun , and took my hair out and it was down I entered the shower and started having and shower , I finished and got dried and wore this : 

I went downstairs and saw that all the boy's were ready and  today I got the bet with Liam to see if I lift really heavy weights , they saw what I am wearing and I said " Hey stop staring I am Niall's princess". I looked over Niall and he was smirking and I looked at he time is already said 4 am , I said "Boy's we have to go like NOW I don't want to be late". We got into the van , I shouted "SHOT GUN", everyone groaned and I laughed and got into the van , Louis was driving , he was driving really fast I think it was because he doesn't want me late again.   


**Skip Van Ride**


We got out and rushed in because I looked at the clock and he read 4:58 am , I rushed upstairs to the gym and made it in time and I did some stretches and went on the treadmill  and did 4 hours of running and Louis thought it would be funny if he did the speed a bit quicker but I didn't mind , so I ran for the whole 4 hour without stopping , I finished that , I felt someone was watching me so I did the punches and kicks , then I saw my boss come in and Harry on the fall , I said " Sorry Haz". I got his hand helped him up , I went the weights and then Liam did too , Harry was marking the scores , Harry said " Ready ........   SET ........ GO GO GO". I finished putting powder and starting doing the weight lifting , I did them as quickly as I can , I looked at Liam and he was smirking at me and I was smirking , OMG HE HAS A 6 PACK he saw me staring and said " Take a picture it will last longer". I blushed and Niall face was red as a tomato because he was angry.  Liam stopped because he was to tired and  kept going and counting how many times I have done now so far I did 205 , I kept going for an other 5 hours. 


**5 hour later**


I finally finished when I got up to 700 , I said to harry " Done 700 , good luck next time Liam". I was about to walk away then Liam throwed me over his shoulder and then Niall ran away , I thought what is he's problem , I said to Zayn "Go and check on him you too Louis and Harry , go home , Liam will look after me". Then Liam me down on his lap , I could feel his boner , he started kissing me , I kissed back , we went into a passionate kiss he got got hold my legs and we started going to the toilet and I said before we entered " Liam , I only do it after marriage". he nodded but we went inside the toilet anyway and he locked the door , and for 4 hours we were making out.


**4 hours later**


I pulled away , me and Liam were breathing heavily and he said " I know your dating Niall but will you be my girlfriend??". " Yes of course I will be your girlfriend , even dough I was thinking about dumping Niall anyway so shall we say we been dating 3 weeks because you did take me out on dates even though we were only friends". I said and he smirked at me cheekily and he said in a sexy voice " Yeah and tomorrow taking you out and there this lovely surprise for you tomorrow , make that 2 surprises". we started kissing again. 


We finally finished and we got out to see Zayn standing there looking really cross and he said " Sis you are grounded and when you get to the house go straight to your room because you got a tattoo without asking me and you cut your hair shorter but kept the colour". I looked at him confused and I grabbed Liam's hand we climbed into the boot , we arrived home and I walked in hand in hand with Liam and saw Niall making out with an another girl , I went over to him and slapped him across the face and said " WERE OVER". I ran upstairs and went into bed and cried myself to sleep.


**Liam's POV**  ( Betcha didn't see that coming did you) 


I can't believe Niall would that normal it Harry that does these kind of thins but thank god that she is over with him because today I giving her a necklace also I am going to purpose to her today , I love her so much , the first day I bet her she was beautiful and when she was sick , I had to look after her but Niall beat me too it.


A/N Sorry for the short point of view.)


**Bella's POV**


I stopped crying I looked at the time on my alarm clock , It is nearly 7 , I got up and headed for the shower and I let the hot water hit me it felt really relaxing , I got out and dried myself I out this on for the date with Liam : 

I went downstairs and Zayn came up to me and hugged me and said " You look beautiful sis". " Thanx big bro". I said and waited for Liam at the door , I got my jacket on and put my phone and money , lipstick and chewing gum into my handbag and put it over one shoulder , Then I saw someone coming downstairs it was Liam dressed like this : 

and he said to me " You look beautiful Bel , shall we go then". "Thanx you don't look bad yourself and we shall". We started going out and he opened the door for me and said " Ma lady". " Why thank you Sir". I said while smiling and getting into the car , we started driving and saw that we have arrived at the beach , I got out and he stuck his hand out and I took it , I took of my shoes and we started to walk to the table and Zac came out and gave us our food , I gave him a wink , Liam didn't mind because he knows Zac acts like my big brother anyway the music started playing he got and said " Would you like to dance". " I love too baby". we danced till the music ended.


After dancing Liam went down on one knee and said " When I first met you , I fell in love with your kindness , your bubbly , caring , friendly to your sisters you love everyone and I love you from the start but Niall took you away from me so Will you marry me Bella Malik Cowell". I was speechless and I said " YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES". I screamed and he out the ring on to my finger and this is house it looked like.


Engagement Ring : 

We kissed passionate and fireworks started exploding into the air and he got a necklace that said my baby girl on it ,  I moved my hair and he put in on , then we started kissing passionate and we hard clapping and all the boy's were here but no Niall good.  We started heading back to Liam's car  and the others went to their car of course , and we have arrived home I went up to my room and got changed into my Pyjama's : 


Bella's Necklace from Liam  : 

Liam's necklace from Bella : 

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