Adopted By Simon Cowell

Hi My name is Bella I don't have a family , I'm in the orphan also I am 17 and as you can see I'm quiet shy and also when you get to know me well I am very bubbly. Well that's everything about me and I'm kind and also I'm Girly Girl .

*What Happens to Bella , Will some one famous adopt her Read to find out*


8. Meeting Harry's Girlfriend and Zayn's Second sister

*Katie's POV*


Hello My Name is Katie , well this is me , I will introduce myself to you then shall I ......


Name : Katie  Malik 


Age: 17


Personality : ummm Shy , but Out-going , funny and weird 


Hobbies : Writing , Listening to Music and also Drama


Eye colour : Blue


Hair Colour : Brunette


Favourite singer / Boy-band :  One Direction , Ed Sheeren  and  BVB.   


I am Harry Styles Girlfriend we met when we were in 8th grade I love him so much but I haven't seen him since 1D went into a group , I miss him very much and this girl called Bella  is Harry's friend and also I am Zayn's sister, I got dressed into this : 

I got into my car and drove to the house that the boy's live in , I knocked on the door and someone opened the door and it was Harry and he hugged me and said " Babe I'm sorry That  forgotten you I love you". "It's ok babe love you too , where is this Bella girl I would like to meet her ". I said while looking around and he pulled me inside and he said with a sad face " They are at the hospital because Niall saw her outside unconscious and Niall couldn't find a pulse and shall we go then". I looked at him sad and I nodded we were on are way to the hospital hope Bella is ok , but I feel like I know her from somewhere , my mum always said I had a sister but she moved.


We arrived at the hospital and I asked at the front desk " Hello Do you know witch room is Bella Cowell is in". "Yes she is in room 198". I rushed up to the room and saw all the boy's went wide eyed and hugged me but Niall was inside and crying and warming her up and the doctor said something and sat down and kept tapping his feet on the floor and I went over him and said "Everything is going to be ok". "Well it's not because when Louis adopted that BRAT , Everyone ignored Bella but Harry didn't he was faking it". I looked at harry and I mouthed "Good on you". 


I looked at everyone and the doctor came out and he said " Bella is going to be Ok but she is in a coma and it can take months , years , days to her wake up , but you still can talk to her and try make her wake up and have a good day". Niall looked and I again he punched the wall and made a hole and he went Bella's room and hold her hand. Poor Niall x


*Niall's POV*

I can't believe my baby is in a coma , I prayed to god everyday , I said " Please Love Bella please wake up , I don't know what I would do without you , I love you your so caring , friendly , sweet and I love you every single of you please wake up please love you". I fell asleep holding her hand.


**2 days later"**


All the boy's went home but I stayed by her place all day and night and I haven't eaten and that's not me and I'm not that hungry , I need the toilet and went because it was in her room and the boy's bought me clean clothes and I showered and everything and put clean boxers and clothes and went back and hold her hand again , I fell asleep and she is still in a coma for 2 freaking days , I can't help it anymore , I woke an hour later by fingers moving into my hand and I rubbed my eyes with my one hand and thought I was dreaming.


*Bella's POV* 


Everything was black and I saw nothing only a white light then I heard a voice saying  


"Please Love Bella please wake up , I don't what I would do without you , I love you your so caring , friendly , sweet and I love you every single of you please wake up please love you".


I had to wake up , I moved my fingers and it was Niall's hand I moved my fingers again and I fluttered my eyes open and turned to my left and saw Niall there and I said weakly " Niall Love , I'm fine". Then he woke up and said " OMG I need to see the doctor but before I go and need to say this , Bella I love you so I was thinking will you go out with me and be my girlfriend". I said quietly " Yes I love to be your girlfriend and go out with you". he smiled and he went outside to let know the boy's to come in and saw Katie she is my sister , I think.


I slowly got up and sat up on my bed and she came and hugged me and I hugged back and said "Guy's meet my sister Katie and I know you going out with Harry and Harry break her and I break you got it good". he nodded scared but I told him to come here and I got hugs from everyone but I didn't want one from Louis even he coursed all this Drama and I said " When's the doctor coming with Niall and I am his girlfriend also when can I get out of here". Then Niall came in with the doctor and said " Ahh Ms.Cowell I see you looking better we did the test and your apparently sisters with Ms.Katie here , and you may leave today and don't be again in the cold". I got up and Katie helped me to the bathroom to get changed into this : 



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